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Planning a Winter Break for the Whole Family*

It always feels good to get away from the daily grind of chores and work and it is no secret that we love to get away. When you break out of your routine, even for just a few days, you return home feeling refreshed and you feel like you have spent some quality time together as a family.

Even in the winter, we like to take short breaks. Usually, you pay less for accommodation and there are no crowds to cope with, so travelling at this time of the year is an especially good idea.

 Planning a Winter Break for the Whole Family*


You need to make sure you are ready for all weather conditions, which means packing carefully. A good approach is to pack clothes that are easy to wear in layers. For example, the right pair of men´s joggers can be worn under a pair of jeans. On a warmer day, they are ideal for wearing for a walk on the beach. Of course, you still need to pack a jumper for everyone for days when it is very cold.


It is important not to forget items like umbrellas, waterproofs and wellies for the kids. That way you can still get out and enjoy a walk even if it rains all day.


You need to plan to enjoy plenty of indoor activities. Even if the weather is not bad, the days are shorter, so at least part of each day is going to be spent inside.


It is important to be as flexible as possible. Try not to promise you are going to do certain things. The kids will be really disappointed if the attraction you are planning to visit ends up having to close because of bad weather. Before you book, do plenty of research. Going the extra mile and checking the winter opening hours of local attractions will stop you from booking a holiday somewhere there is not enough to do to keep everyone occupied.


Packing the right toys is key to keeping the children properly entertained. Be sure to take a few of their current favourites and what you need for rainy day activities. This article contains some great ideas for keeping young children happy on days when it is too wet to go outside much. If you read it before you pack, you will be able to add a few items to your list and be properly prepared.

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