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What To Buy a Man For Christmas (Stocking Fillers) | A Christmas Guide For Men*

It is that time of year again when every man and his dog gets out the Christmas Wishlist posts. I will have that coming later but for now I am doing a Christmas Guide to buying for the men in your life. We need every bit of help we can get don't we?

Ben is pretty tricky to buy for, if he wants something throughout the year then he generally buys it himself. Which leaves me very little to go for at Christmas time. I also have another problem where by his hobbies are quite expensive, Mountain biking & Photography which can mean unless I want to spend a lot of money it can be difficult.

But these are a few bits I have spotted over the last few weeks and have either purchased or popped on a list to get hold of over the next couple of weeks. I will list the items below for you, just in case :)

Unusual gifts for men

Bright and Funky undies and socks: Jacamo
Scratch Map : Prezzybox
Wash bag collection: Prezzybox
Lego personalised frame: Ourbricklibrary @Etsy
Beer selection: Beerhawk
USB Mixtape: Iwantoneofthose.com

*PR Collaboration. All opinions are my own, samples were revived. 


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