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I couldn't have done it alone... #Thankyoumidwife

Both of my labours were amazing. Intense. Terrifying. But Magical. Something about birth just makes me think it is magic, what us women go through to get our babies in to the world safely is nothing short of a miracle. I read recently on a forum and with the research that Pampers are sharing that 1 out of 3 midwives feel under appreciated. That is at least one third of midwives. Which really saddens me.

I couldn't have done it alone... #Thankyoumidwife

With Daisy's labour it was a long process, a home birth that went on so long that ended up in consultant care with intervention after intervention. The process was long and painful, after a few moments of craziness where I fell unconscious and Daisy's heartbeat dropped we had consultants in and out, a midwife sat next to me at all times and always the threat of theatre which kept cropping back up! But they never left me. And then when it came to the actual delivery, it was all hands on deck. A full room of people there to look after me and my baby. And after a slightly traumatic hour or so we had our baby and felt safe. The reactions those incredible people made no doubt saved my daughter, they deliver her safe and well. As was I. A little sore, but safe.

With Alex his labour was crazy for different reasons. It was fast, I was expecting another 36 hour labour. Instead I was given probably less than 2 hours, I can't be sure, it whizzed by too fast! He pretty much helped himself out in to the world, he wasn't waiting for anyone. The midwife and the assistant in that day were just perfect. They knew how to treat me, look after me and reassure me throughout it and afterwards. When you're feeling so vulnerable after, after losing ALLLLLLL the dignity and having what feels like your whole body put back together that feeling of being cared for is priceless. And I will never forget those midwives and ladies who helped me during those labours.

Pampers is asking everyone to thank their midwives using the hashtag #ThankYouMidwife  and tagging @PampersUKIre on Facebook, @Pampers_UK on twitter and @pampersworld on Instagram. Every time a personal thank you is shared towards a specific midwife and/or hospital using the hashtag and tagging the brand across the relevant social media platform, Pampers will donate £1 to the Benevolent Fund of the Royal College of Midwives. Up to a maximum of £25,000 to the Royal College of Midwives.

So please join in and share your #ThankYouMidwife story and don’t forget to tag Pampers on Facebook (@PampersUKIRE) or on Twitter (@Pampers_UK), and #Pampers so we can get as much money as possible donated to the Royal College of Midwives Trust. Together maybe we can start to make them feel appreciated!

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