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The little things in life... Thinking positive (guest post)

Since I have been pregnant all I have heard is scary stories about labour and delivery, it seems everyone wants to tell you all the bad bits, maybe they forget the good bits or maybe there aren't any?! I know that isn't true but it does make you wonder at times. I have asked my sister Tash to share her experience with us to see what it's really like, or how it was for her anyway (I know everyone is different but I wanted some positivity for us mums to be!).

This is Tash at my wedding with her little boy, Daniel: 

 Tash's experience

You hear a lot of stories about peoples labours and how some were absolutely horrendous... And they swear down they will never go back again!! It's funny how people always do end up back there years later, if it was that bad why put your self through it all over again? Or why consider it at all in the first place if all you hear is negativity? I'm here to tell you about the labours I've experienced; two very different deliveries but both wonderful in the end when I look at the end result.

With my first I had a pretty rough ride during pregnancy, I was sick all the way through from 6 weeks. Every night without fail it was horrendous and I would be nauseous throughout the day. Why call it morning sickness?! 

Anyway my labour went something like this. My waters broke at 35 weeks, it wasn't until this happened I found out we actually have two sets of waters, front and back. It turns out only the front had gone and baby wasn't necessarily ready to arrive. Being a young mum it was all very new and scary to me. There was no sign of labour due to my body producing more water than I lost. They kept me going for another 2 weeks by having a scan and blood test every three days to check baby was ok and there was no infections starting. Those two weeks looking back were hard work, I despise waiting.. But they make me smile as my mum tried everything to help begin labour for me from going on the back of a quad bike with my dad, trampolining, driving me in her jeep down a country lane, and I was absolutely sick to death of pineapples!! Crazy!! 

But... still nothing! So I was given an induction date, three sets of gel it took me to begin my labour, I had been in hospital for three days already and so was beginning to think my little boy was never going to become. But the contractions started to progress. Eventually at 6.30pm I was taken on to the labour ward. He was positioned back to back so as you can imagine it was quite painful. I wasn't quite prepared for how labour would be but in this instance I wanted help! Pethadine made me sick, gas and air didn't help so after 6 hours I asked for an epidural. Unfortunately as I was put on a drip to speed up labour my body went from 5cm to 10cm dilated very quickly and I found it difficult to stay still and it was a little too late- the epidural only worked on one side. Marvellous!!! So I had a pretty rough ride... Eventually my little monkey turned last minute in the birth canal and was born at 4.59am Saturday 16 may 2009 weighing 7lbs 3oz at 37 weeks 2days he was gorgeous, my little man is now four years old and is a little heartbreaker!

Although it felt bad at the time, was it really that awful?! Or would I have contemplated it again?!

My second pregnancy was completely different it was like a dream pregnancy that you hear about and think to yourself this can't be real!! I had the usual morning sickness right up to the 12 week period and that was all. Yes I suffered from cramps in the night and killer heartburn towards the end but other that you wouldn't of known I was pregnant apart from the huge belly :) Everyone told me I was definitely having a girl this time because of the total opposite symptoms, I never believed them as I always thought I'd end up with two boys!! I was so wrong, when I went for my 20 week scan and was told I was having a girl I couldn't believe it; I am actually one of those lucky people who have one of each! 

My little angel decided to keep everyone waiting, I was due 30th of October 2014 and everyone kept saying she would make an appearance on either her daddy's birthday (22nd October) or my birthday (3rd November) but no she had other ideas as she kept me waiting until 40weeks 3 days. I'd never been this far before and was feeling very big, uncomfortable and fed up!

 I woke in the night at 3 am with period type pains and then went to sit in the bath for hours! These griping pains were not moving! this was definitely not Braxton hicks this time!! My mum came around at about lunchtime and gave me a foot spa and pedicure, my toes looked very pretty! By 3pm the pains were lasting longer and they were every five minutes, I thought okay I best ring hospital!!! I'd lasted a fair few hours at home and was so pleased with myself as my plan was to cope at home as long as I could and remain calm and positive, I knew this would be easier at home. We dropped my son off to my sisters house but I think I may of scared her, she said I was hanging off the wall and had very blue lips! I can't remember any of this! When we got into the hospital I was 5cm dilated, I was so pleased :)

 I was dead set on having a water birth but because I was measuring bigger they said I couldn't due to needing two midwives when the time would come to push I was gutted!!! Two labours now where I've had too miss out!! ( so Hayley try the pool out for me when your time comes) But I was adamant this labour was going to be positive! I managed on gas and air the whole time, it was definitely my friend this time. I stood up the whole time as I had seen on programmes like One born every minute how this seemed to help, this must have because by the time the midwife examined me I was 10cm!!! She was shocked how fast my body had dilated and my waters still hadn't gone. Once my waters broke I was pushing for all of 10 minutes on all fours, I really do recommend this position. 

I was doing really well until it got to the point I was demanding an epidural but it was too late by then! All I can remember is what my sister once told me, when you feel you're going to fall apart and losing control it's you're body telling you it's time for this baby to escape and you are at the end! And she was right as within seconds my little girl was between my legs weighing a whopping 8lbs 9oz. At 7.03pm on the 2nd of November 2014, a few more hours and we would of been sharing a birthday. Mollie Amelia Rose is my little princess and she was the best early birthday present I could of asked for!

Labour isn't easy but you get the best gift at the end of it and the sense of pride you get after is amazing. I honestly think it's all to do with attitude and remaining positive, staying calm and listening to your body, it is after all what us ladies were made for! So even though I have just told you my stories, make your own and don't absorb others negativity as it will get you nowhere and just cause unnecessary tension which won't allow your mind and body to do its job easily. 

Love Tash xxx

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