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The little things in life... Half way there

So I'm now almost 25 weeks, most definitely more than half way there now to meeting our baby. 

These last few weeks have been like a completely different pregnancy, I actually feel human most of the time! I wouldn't say I feel 100% normal but it's good enough for me! I wake up without feeling sick, I'm able to eat easily, I have more energy and can stay up past 9pm!! 

I have now really popped out and my bump is really quite round, it's only this past few weeks people have started to ask if I'm pregnant and comment on my tummy, still brave if you ask me! I don't think I'd ask someone that I didn't know if they were expecting, imagine if they weren't! 😳 

This was me almost 2 weeks ago, I wouldn't say it's grown much more since then but it does tend to change shape throughout the day and sometimes makes things uncomfortable and feel very tight. This past few weeks the movements have been full on baby movements, it no longer feels as if my tummy is a fish bowl with the tinker swimming around, instead sudden movements in there make me jump out of my skin sometimes! She also now reacts when I tap, which is really reassuring and nice but annoyingly if I lie on my side where she must be I get a constant jabbing, so at night it's like a battle of how I can sleep without being boxed by the baby! I can't help but laugh though! I also find myself sat staring at my tummy as it moves around in waves or jumps as she moves inside. A little alien like really!!! 

Having a tummy is something I'm still not  really used to, it often gets in the way and I am starting to find it quite depressing not fitting into anything or without looking like I've squashed myself into Lycra! Time for some more maternity wear maybe?!? I have a girly day planned next week that both my sister Tash and sister in law Amy have arranged, so maybe I can find a few more bits then to fit me for a while longer!
I'm sure on my babymoon post I'll have a photo or two of us on holiday but we shall see how brave I get! 

 Something I was always told by one of my friends is that when you have a baby you may lose some friends that aren't really interested but you'll also make more valuable friends through your pregnancy and baby! I was a little sceptical and in one respect I have been right.. So far. I've not lost any friends just yet but I think most have babies or at the point in their life where they are settled so maybe that bit doesn't really apply anyway? But I have already made new friends and been brought closer to old friends from school, college, work and university etc that are also expecting! Ive never known so many pregnant people at one time! I've also made new friends, pregnancy can be quite frightening and make you feel quite vulnerable and I think us pregnant ladies tend to be drawn to one another somehow for support and to compare notes! Or photos of how fat we are looking that week!!! It has surprised me since being pregnant and talking to all these lovely ladies how it's not easy at all, I don't think I can think of one lovely mummy or mummy to be that hasn't had a complication or worry of some kind! I don't want to scare anyone who hasnt had a baby just yet because the majority of the time they can be minor and it's all worth it, or so I am told! But on the positive side  (I promised I wouldn't be too depressing!!!) it's lovely to have something in common with so many ladies at the same time :) xx

I really need to start getting ready for baby's arrival now, if anyone has any helpful lists that would be useful!!! I don't honestly know where to start! I have baby vests coming out of my ears but other than that not a lot and I expect I may need a few more things!! 

Well, I best get back to having a nap in the Spanish sun while I can! It'll soon be over and we will be back to work! 

Lots of love, 

Hayley xxxx

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  1. I too have started to make new friends and reconnect with some older friends that are having babies, but I have found that I have lost a friend or two since becoming pregnant. I'm trying to not take it personally, because there was no fight, but we just have less in common and our life goals and priorities have become very different. One is still dating/just about to move cities to be with her boyfriend (I am so happy for her, because she has not had the easiest time when it comes to finding a great guy). The other is a newlywed, but with no immediate plans of having children (if ever...). It's a little sad, but I still love them, and just have to try my best to stay connected. It's normal to happen, and it's just life. At the same time, I have met so many new amazing women over the past few months, and I know that I’ll meet many more in the months and years to come! xo Kierra