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P20 Suncream - Is it worth the hefty price tag?

So I got drawn into buying some P20 sun cream before our latest holiday to Greece. I have always been a little curious about it but have always been a bit scared off by the price tag, I mean its more then double the price of a lot of other options on offer.

suncream for kids

These days we know how sunshine is important for our intake of vitamin D, contributing to our overall health. When we do actually see some sun (living in the UK are time slots are limited!!),  it’s easy to make mistakes and get burnt to crisps. As parents this is something we are slightly psychotic about. Our kids have to be smothered and completely protected as often as we can. This means chasing them around the beach or pool reapplying at every opportunity.

We travel fairly often and so most of the time the two children will stand and be covered but you can still see the anger in their face at the inconvenience of being chased about all day! But we all know how important it is to protect our children's skin for their own future.

P20 by Riemann offers all day (up to 10 hours) protection: which can only be a positive. I purchased their continuous spray which basically means you can work quickly and spray from every angle, chasing the kids around the room if needs be! It dries instantly as well so no slippery bodies running about the place. I bought the SPF50 for us all but also the SPF20 for my husband and I too. For those with sensitive skin it’s also great to know that there are no added colourants, fragrance or preservatives, we saw no reaction with Alex's eczema either which is great.

Is p20 worth the price?

So P20. Will I buy it again? Absolutely. I would apply it first thing in the morning (before they got dressed, that stuff can stain anything yellow so watch out!) and then be confident that they would be protected for the next 10 hours. As a mum who desperately didn't want them to burn I have to admit i did top up their little faces a couple of times as well as sensitive spots like their shoulders when they were out of their swim suits etc.

But we had no burns at all, no rosy streaks across their faces and no nasty heat rashes either.

Their skin was beautifully smooth and it didn't have a nasty smell which some creams can come with.

I really do recommend it!

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