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5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Baby Cool In the Summer

I think we all have questions when it gets super hot here in the UK, it doesn't happen very often so when it does it throws us in to a bit of a panic and we all start questioning what we should be doing with our little ones! I thought I would note down a few of my top tips so hopefully it can help at least one of you relax a little more or maybe even a sleep a bit more during this heatwave.

5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Baby Cool In the Summer

(1) STRIP THEM OFF! I honestly don't think you need to worry about your baby being chilly, especially in the evening. It is very easy to add a layer on later on when it cools down a little than to try and cool a flustered, sweaty baby down. I tend to stick to putting my two to bed in vests or just their nappies and knickers, depending on how warm it is that evening. Then instead of putting on their usual bed quilts/ sacs etc, I use a light, muslin style sheet to cover them if they need it. Then when I go to check on them a little while later I can add a layer on if needs be or leave them be!

(2) NICE COOL BATH! We all love a paddling pool but sometimes it just isn't practical when your babies are little and well we can't live out in the paddling pool all day long, especially if it is still very warm outside. I fill the bath with tepid water, more on the chilly side, and let them play and splash about until they are ready to get out. They are out of the sun, cooling down and happy that way usually. I always do this before bed when it is especially hot, just allows them to cool down and be comfortable before jumping into bed.

(3) GET THE HOUSE FEELING BREEZY! I usually have all of the curtains drawn upstairs in the day to protect it from getting ridiculously sweaty and clammy up there. But all of the windows will be open to keep the air moving about and feeling a little breezy, just watch out for slamming doors!

(4) PUTTING ICE IN FRONT OF THE FAN! We have all been there before, noticing that a fan does next to nothing when it is particularly sticky outside. It just pushes the hot air about not being all too helpful. I often get a big bowl of ice and stick it in front of the fan, so when it is pushing air around, it is wafting the cooler air into the room. I have known of other people freezing bottles of water and doing essentially the same thing, placing it in front of the fan.

(5) DO AS LITTLE AS YOU CAN! So instead of rushing about trying to do chores, planning in activities and getting out in the car just stop and go with the flow of the day. That could be reading books indoors, watching a bit of TV (don't judge, we all do what we can to keep everyone happy when it is hot!) or just pottering about in the shade. I find it far too stressful to do much when it is hot with the children, the last thing they want is to be moved into car seats, in to pushchairs etc when they are hot.

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