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A Girls Day in Liverpool *Collaborative Post

Liverpool is one of my favourite cities to visit, especially with the girls. Firstly it isn't very far away from us, just over an hour and there is always something to do there.

I thought I would share with you my top things to do whilst there!

(1) Shopping. I don't really need to say much more about this I am sure but there are plenty of shopping spots to head to but make sure you start with Liverpool ONE. Not only are there loads of shops to get stuck into but lots of coffee shops, bars and restaurants to keep you going. The good thing about here is that it is so central, you don't have to go far and you are close to the docks. It is a good base to start from or meet up later in if you are in a big group for a proper day out. There is also plenty of accommodation based all around it if you were looking for somewhere to stay.

(2) Ghetto Golf - it is what it says on the tin. A great activity to take part in with your friends, family or work colleagues, slightly crazy but hey who doesn't love crazy golf? Worth noting though that this is adults only so don't be trying to take the kids there for an afternoon out!

(3) Break Out Liverpool. You will find them in most cities now as they seem to be pretty popular at the moment, basically you have 60 minutes to escape from a locked room. Some peoples worst nightmare but it is pretty good fun with a group of friends.

(4) There are bars everywhere here and the evening atmosphere is always a good laugh where pretty much anything goes in terms of dress etc. A must visit is Alma De Cuba which is an old 18th-century church lit by candles and pretty lights, it really is beautiful and at night has a great atmosphere. It gets busy so if you want to eat there then I would suggest booking a table. But always stay until around 10pm when the latin dancers come out and the entertainment starts!

(5) Eat! There are loads of restaurants here in Liverpool and all variations. If you want fast food there is loads of choice or something fancier then you could try somewhere like Spire or the Art School Restaurant. There is almost too much choice.

(6) The docks are lovely to walk around. There are some beautiful little shops and restaurants as well as some of the bigger chains. You could almost spend the whole day there if you chose to and wanted to visit the museums such as the Beatles museum, The Cavern club etc.

(6) And how we try to end our day if we can is to go and see a show. The Echo often has shows on and always something for everyone. Again it is pretty central so you will have no trouble finding it.

*This post is collaborative but all opinions are my own

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