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Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish Review

I recently did a post all about Aldi's Lacura dupe for this iconic product; Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish. I had tried it some time ago when I got my hands on a sample product but had never purchased it myself. Even if you haven't bought into the dupe I am pretty sure you'll have heard all about Aldi dupes. Aldi's version being Hot Cloth cleanser and well it is a quarter of the price at least.

Liz Earle cleanse and polish review

I mentioned how I had mixed feeling about the blatant dupe. On one hand trying to replicate a product doesn't sit nicely with me ethically, nt when it is packaged to replicate that product as close as they can anyway. But on the other hand it is affordable for those who wouldn't splurge on a Liz Earle version.

Well, one of my lovely friends clearly reads my blog and gifted me a beautiful Liz Earle set for my birthday. I have been using it now for well over a month and thought I would report back what my initial thoughts are.

First up there is clearly a difference in the makeup of the product. Liz Earles version most certainly feels more gentle to use and the scent is far less fragranced that Aldi's. Which makes me feel as of the quality of the product is higher, as in the concentration of the good stuff is higher in the LE product.

I feel that if I was blindfolded I would be able to tell which was which but it perhaps isn't as obvious as you may think it would be.

liz earle dupes

Both are gentle enough for me and leaves me feeling cleansed and well, polished. So for everyday cleansing would I shift over to LE from the Aldi version. Yes and no. I would repurchase the LE as my skin has been immaculately clear since using it but then the Aldi version is an alternative for in between purchases or holidays etc.

I  love the consistency and the smell is very spa like for both products, which is a scent I like. It is filled with rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter, white tea and eucalyptus oil which are all scents I enjoy. It isn't floral or over powering, it just smells clean and fresh.

Overall, I love the LE product and will repurchase. It definitely feels like a treat to use.

Hayley x


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