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#2 Visiting Bluestone with a young family: What we got up to(Activities)

This is my second post regarding our trip to Bluestone, if you missed the 1st one read it here.

I also have uploaded a little video, our very first Vlog, you can see that here too.

I thought it best to write about what we got up to separately to the accommodation as there was just so much to write.

 Driving down to Pembrokeshire is a fair journey for us, around 4 hours with a little stop. We actually took the majority of the day and took the scenic route down to Bluestone by going along the coastal road through Aberystwyth and New Quay etc, it meant there was somewhere nice to stop and have lunch and a walk around. We needed to ensure we had places to stop with Daisy as she needs to obviously get out of her car seat, stretch her legs and get some fresh air. An 11 month old is easily bored!! Although it was a long drive, its quite a nice journey for us really.

Anyway when we were there I realised Bluestone offers so much to you as a family. There is the Blue Lagoon, a big swimming pool with waves that come on every 20 minutes or so (they give you warning with the most horrible noise from their megaphones!!), lots of flumes, jacuzzi (We only spotted this on our way out on the last day), toddler area, fountains, lazy river... Lots to do basically. The building has a glass roof and the sun shone through it the entire time we were there, it made it so lovely and warm and it felt like we really were on holiday. I could have shut my eyes and gone to sleep on the deck chairs!

Daisy just loved swimming, she wasn't so sure about the waves but everything else she just loved! Obviously there is much more to do for bigger children than a baby so it can only appeal to us even more as she gets older.

The blue lagoon shut on our first day, the lady at check in said it was due to necessary, urgent maintenance. No idea what.. but it sounded serious! It then shut again for most of one of our other days which was a real shame and a day wasted in terms of swimming. When we went back the next day there were posters up about "feeling unwell, don't risk it or the pool will need to be evacuated", maybe this was a hint at what had happened!! Yuk! 

I do think though if I had paid for the trip this may have been a little disappointing to me as I do think its one of the crowd pleaser's and one of the main reasons you would visit with a family. Especially if the weather had been poor!

The other little area that the small children loved was the Circus room, which is on top of the adventure centre. It says it is up until 4/5 years - I can't remember which actually. I do think that's quite old to be mixing with the babies, especially as they can be quite boisterous sometimes past 3! Daisy was always a little tired when we visited here, at an end of a day usually. And I think she found it a little over whelming with some bigger children tearing around. She found her feet once they had all gone home for their tea though and did some good exploring. It is a brilliant area, with loads for them to look at, find and play with. My god daughter who is a year older than Daisy loved it, it was her dream! They visited a few more times than us and really made the most of it.

Ben and I really fancied the high ropes and zip wire experiences but sadly just ran out of time. We did take a walk down to Camp Smoky though where it was based and had a good look around and it looked ace! 

Camp Smoky in general was a great place, it had a nice atmosphere and I loved the Smell. It smelt of open fire, smoky food and just the outdoors in general. If you watched our video this is where we were off to when we were walking down the hill into the forest! Next time we will definitely toast some marshmallows on the fire! Such a nice idea.

Basically there was just so much to do that we didn't get chance to do even half of what we wanted to do! When we go away we like to explore the area too and so spent a day in Tenby, which has the  most beautiful beach I have ever been to in the UK! But sadly this also meant a day off the park doing some of the other activities, but then again you cant have it all and 4 days just went far too fast. It will get us back there though one day I am sure!

Lots of love,

Hayley xxx

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