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Review: Tesco Baby Bedtime bath tried and tested

So not long ago I did a review on the Wilko baby bath and the jury was out on it, I was not convinced on it if I am honest. not enough bubbles, and well its all about that isn't it! (oh and it being nice and kind to babies skin of course) Read the review here.

Well I have made another impulse purchase and this time it is Tesco baby bedtime bath, I have no idea why I picked it up and why I didn't just pick up Johnsons or Infacare like usual. Stick to what you know and all that...

Anyway.. I am pleased to say that actually this was a good purchase. It smells lovely and you get loads of bubbles, hooray!

It's pretty cheap, and it was on promotion too so even better.

It hasn't dried my hands out which Johnsons can do at times, so another bonus!

Have you tried any of the Tesco baby products? We are also trying out their extra dry nappies and I have to say I am pretty impressed with those too. Maybe I will try a few other things out one day!

Lots of love,

Hayley & Daisy xxx

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