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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy you have turned one whole year old!

My little Daisy, you are now one whole year old! How on earth did that happen? I am sure it was only last month that I met you for the first time and you were just a teeny, squishy little dot of a baby girl!

This last year has absolutely flown by, it seems like such a cliché how everyone says how fast it will go and to savour every last thing they do and every little snuggle that you get, but it really is true. I am sure I closed my eyes, opened them again and a year has passed. It has been a wonderful year and one I will never forget but I do wish I could go back and live it all over again, sleepless nights and all! If only we had time machines.

This age now is the most rewarding and probably the most entertaining and fun! But I do miss the soft, squishiness of a new born baby at times. You still give the best cuddles ever but you really do choose when you give them and make me work pretty hard for one sometimes! Luckily bedtime you are very cuddly and so I am guaranteed at least that one a day anyway.

At bedtime you go to bed like a little dream, no qualms at all. However, recently you have started waking in the night, whether that be just the once for a quick drink or 2/3 times just because you can! I think you are so active that you wake yourself up wriggling around the cot and then you can't seem to drift back off sometimes. You still need a nap in the day, sometimes 2. I try not to let you sleep any later than 3.30pm so that you are still sleepy come bedtime.

You now kiss back which is pretty cute, even if you do poke your tongue out half way through and give us a good lick! You are a cheeky monkey.You are cheeky all day, even first thing in the morning when you are babbling away to your friends in your cot.

Your hair is so beautiful, fair, long and with a little curl at the end. We are still not sure if you will stay fair or go dark like Dada but for now it is most definitely blonde. Your eyes have turned to a bluey green and those two tiny little teeth at the bottom make you look even cheekier! They are some spiky little choppers!

Bath time is your favourite time of the day, you have a real swim in there. Throwing yourself on to your belly and splashing about! You are pretty fearless in the water, maybe that comes from our swimming lessons! The only issue we have is getting you out when the water has gone cold!!!

You are practising walking now, cruising around and climbing everything you possibly can. I don't think it will be too long before you are off on your own but in some ways I want you to stay my baby and stay firmly on the floor!! (Cruel muma!)

We have our first holiday on an aeroplane in 5 weeks time, that could be interesting. You hate sitting still and like to be free to do your own thing, that is something to look forward to! It will all be worth it though when you are there with the sunshine shining on your little sun hat, toes in the sea and hands building sandcastles on the beach. That could also be interesting because when we last took you to the beach you were not too impressed by the sand!

On your birthday we had a day together at a local park where we talked to the ducks and geese on the lakes, had a go on the swings and slide, crawling about and picnic on the grass and lots of walking around before lunch outside in the sunshine. Then we were home for you to be spoilt further by the rest of your family!

We then held a little party for you at home on the weekend where you had friends and family come to celebrate with you. It was a lovely day!

You are a very lucky girl,

Lots of love,

Muma xx

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