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A Fresh Start | My New Years Resolutions

Another year has whizzed on by, so another set of goals is at the front of my mind. I don't like to have resolutions as such, more mind sets and fresh, positive ways of thinking.

A Fresh Start | My New Years Resolutions

Last year I aimed for a positive mind; getting out more, spending more time on myself and to de-clutter. I would like to say I fully succeeded and in some aspects I did but other ways, not so much. I definitely got rid of "stuff" from our house and found it easier to manage at home, easier to keep clean and tidy. We had some new storage solutions put in for the kid's toys and things and that seemed to do the trick.

A big part of my years goals was: Plan to plan. Make plans. Simple. Fill the diary with travel, breaks, coffee dates. Which means we see the world like we love to but are planned and organised, we see people and socialise. 

And really I guess in some aspects I did do that, but not as much as I would have liked to have. We had lots of adventures as families but outside of that, not so much.

So a big part of this years is to change that up a little bit. Even popping out to the gym for an hour makes the world of difference, it is that break away from home life and work, giving a slightly more positive balance. I think a realistic goal would be that once a month I spend and plan to have time for me. Things like a cinema trip, drinks with the girls, date night with Ben, all things where I am treating myself, allowing myself to be Hayley as well as Mum. Ben and I planned to go out once a month in 2017 for tea or something similar, we did it a fair few times but no where near once a month, life does just tend to get in the way. We did however get to Prague for a child free weekend! Not planned I should add, I won it in a competition and would never have dreamt of going without them. I actually dreaded the time away from them. But it was nice, it reminded me just how easy travel was without the little ones, it was different. I love travelling with the children, it isn't easy and it certainly isn't hassle free but it is worth the stress and panics most of the time. But to get away, just the two of us, really was a nice break away.

My blog changed a little over the last 12- 18 months, bringing more photography and travel based posts into the design and a big switch up of the generic design made it more simple, clean and minimal. I am happy with it at the moment, as always I wanted to put more content out but with working full time (well, 4 days) and spending time with the babies around that, it does get pushed aside a little. And I am okay with that. With everything going on at the house too, it really can not be top of the priority list. It can only get easier though hey!

My DA score (jargon if you aren't into this SEO kind of rubbish!) has been better than it ever has been in2 017, so to continue that would be the dream. It has turned into a little revenue stream for me too, not enough to ever consider it becoming self sufficient or to be able to drop hours at work or anything like that, but enough to make me feel proud that something I love has started to make a little bit of money. I have however stepped away from some of the personal posts that I started this blog with, so this year I want to go back to writing more from the heart, more natural, personal type posts. So expect that this year!

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2018?

Hayley x

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