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Positivity: Ways I Make Myself Feel Better

We all have hard or down days, it is what makes us human. If you read my post about my years resolutions and goals then you'll know I challenged myself to focus on myself a little more. After all a happy mum is a happy child, most of the time at least. 

I thought I'd share some of my top ways in which I can make myself feel good and turn perhaps a bad day or week slightly more positive.


(1) Look at the calendar & make dates. If the diary is looking a little empty then start to arrange some dates in there, that could be coffees with friends, cinema trips, weekends away or maybe just a night with your fella to have tea without staring at the baby monitor praying it doesn't start making a racket.   This was my biggest goal this year and so far it's so good, although I do need to have a focus on the upcoming months so not to "fall off the social wagon"! 

(2) Make time for just you. Time where you don't have to talk to anyone, watch out for the baby attempting to climb the toddler or anything that may just distract you from being alone. For me the best way is to run a nice bath  lots of bubbles, a bath bomb, face mask, hair oil, maybe even defuzz my legs if I'm feeling like a real good pamper! It doesn't have to be a bath though, sometimes an hour on my own in bed at the weekend with a cup of tea and either a book or YouTube does the trick too. 

(3) Get out. Ideally this would be get away for a night or a few days, travel and see new places. Spend quality time with the family. I love finding new places to stay like maybe these yurts or lodges, or somewhere different that I've found on Airbnb  But if you can't afford to go away or book a holiday to look forward to then a day out does the trick too. Fresh air fixes everything, a bit like a cuppa! 

(4) Talk to people. Real life people. Not just reading tweets or Facebook statuses. And actually sometimes I need adult conversation, as much as I absolutely love chatting to Daisy at the moment. She comes out with all sorts and is so funny! But yeah chatting to other people is always good, a phone call or popping for a coffee is always good for the mind. If like me you work at home half of the time too you can really get fed up of your own company so it's important.

What do you do to make yourself feel a tad more positive? 

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  1. I love the last one, real people! I definitely think taking time out from blog and computer makes me feel better x