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Chill Out Time: Yoga*

I have dipped in and out of yoga a few times over the last 10 or so years, focusing on it more so when I was pregnant. It seemed to really help with the aches and pains that come with pregnancy but also gave me that time out that I really needed some days.

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I find it really difficult to switch off, especially when Daisy is tearing around so being able to go out and relax with twinkly lights, candles and gorgeous smells aromatic oils was like luxury to me at the time when I was expecting Alex.

One thing I found most difficult was being sat at my desk when I was pregnant with Alex. I would relax at yoga and then sit at my desk and it would almost undo all of the stretching and work that I had done the night before. If you’re anything like me then you probably don't venture far from your desk during the day (except to get a cuppa maybe) and actually my posture is pretty awful, I am a huncher! We should all take a five minute break from our desks and stretch out, in reality, we don't.

One thing I should do more of and start up again is yoga, it is something anyone can do as you don't need much space or equipment, you could even do it at work! I was shown this great video the other day by Furniture at Work and it shows how you could do it from your desk! No excuses with time, space or money. I would probably find this a little easier when I work from home (no peering eyes!) but how cool would it be if you could do it in the office?! You can see the video for yourself here. It is actually worth watching for a giggle!

Although you might find that you may feel a little odd doing it if you were in a busy office, we really should think past that and think of the benefits. For example I read earlier that every year there are around 160,000 hip replacements in the UK alone. Most of these are no doubt caused by inflexible, tight muscles and prolonged sitting. Something that actually we can't get away from sometimes.

Maybe I will ask my manager if we can start group sessions at work?!

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