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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Daisy...

Dear Daisy,

I haven't written to you in a little while, time goes so fast. You are now 2 years old and 10 months old, my little girl will be 3 before we know it.

You seem to have really grown up this last few months, your conversational skills for starters have just come from nowhere. We have lots of chats all day, every day about all kinds of things and you amaze me with the phrases and words you say. You have a little trouble pronounce your C (like Cat or Card) and you still can't quite say Alex either, it is a little more like Aggis! But for now that is quite cute, I am sure it will come with time. People tell me all of the time how well you speak so I am not worried at all. The other cute little Daisy-ism that you do is to say "Me do it" or "Me 2 and a half", Basically you don't say I! But I secretly love it <3

Your eating hasn't really changed so we won't go there, I have learnt to just move on from that topic and just touch on it every now and again!

You are a good girl. You have your moments but you're two, so it wouldn't be right for you not to. You just know your own mind. Okay so you are very strong willed and won't give up without a fight but that feisty side will do you well later in life, if you learn to use it in the right way of course.

You really do stick up for yourself and there have been a few moments where I have had to turn away to chuckle. Like last week for instance, we were leaving nursery and putting your coat on and one of your little friends came up behind you and pushed you flying (toddlers hey!) you got up looking really shocked but then turned around shouting the odds at him and gave him a good old shove back!!! This isn't the first time this has happened! Now madam, I don't condone the pushing and shoving but telling him it wasn't kind and telling him you weren't happy with it is allowed. We shouldn't be pushed around and I have no worries that you will ever let anyone do it or let them get off lightly anyway. Toddlers are toddlers, I have no idea how the girls do it at nursery, I would be laughing all day long or pulling my hair out!

You love your brother "Aggis" and are so affectionate to him, a little rough maybe but the thought is there. And actually he is giving as good as he gets now a days! He isn't all that gentle either! You play nicely with him and keep him busy with piles and piles of toys. He has started coming to your swimming lessons and even though you don't have my undivided attention now you don't mind. You love watching him splash everyone and squeal in delight. You like to show him how it is done, I have a feeling you will be teaching him to swim one day!

You still love going to nursery thankfully and now I am back at work you love to take Alex with you and ensure he is settled in the baby room. You tell me that you will go to visit him at snack time and when I ask will you make sure he is okay and give him a cuddle you say "Of course Mummy", cutie tootie.

You're still a good little sleeper but you are having less lie ins at the moment, Alex wakes around 6am most days and is so noisy that I think he disturbs you, luckily you come in for a cuddle and go back off to sleep for another hour or so most of the time. Otherwise it is a very long day for you without a nap.

You're obsessed with anything princess or mermaid at the moment and spend all day either playing with them, dressing as one or reading about them. You also like to sit with the ipad and watch princess stories, although I try my best to distract you from that if I can. I find you can become naggy if you spend too much time on there and obviously you are 2 years old, you should be playing!

We went to the pictures for the first time last weekend, aunty Amy came with us too. We went to see Trolls and you absolutely loved it. Princess Poppy is your new favourite princess! We downloaded the soundtrack this week and you have asked for it several times a day and are starting to learn a few of the songs now!!!

Love you beauty,

Muma xxx

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