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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Little Life update | A Personal Diary

SO, hello! Happy 2018!

Where do we start? Where we are now I guess...

Things are still very busy here which is why I have been a little quiet here for a while, that and the usual Christmas madness of course. Our house renovations are still in progress, and although it feels like we may actually be getting somewhere now, it has just taken so long! Or perhaps it has just felt that way.

Why Do i blog?

We have been living with my parents now for well over a month, it could actually be longer to be honest. It probably feels about 10 years to them, poor devils! We are hoping though to be back home within the next couple of weeks though. It is looking really good and it is so worth all of the struggles and ridiculous expense but my goodness sometimes I think to myself was it really worth it? I guess time will tell.

Work is still busy, I have lots of travel booked in for the first half of the year and lots of London trips, which is where my head office is based. Personally I don't like this sound of the role I am in as it just disrupts routine for all of us, and I am a stickler for a bit of structure. But the littlies don't ever seem to notice and sometimes at least I get some sleep!

I am still working my 4 days and the balance really does feel right at the moment, sometimes I wonder if I could drop one more day but I really am not sure I could (1) do my job in 3 days, I struggle as it is to fit it all in and (2) be the mum I would want to be. I find that a Wednesday is lovely, we spend the day swimming, having a rest watching films and getting on top of a few things that need sorting, you know general life admin. And then I have 2 more days at work and its the weekend. When I say I am not sure I would be right for another day dropped, I mean I am not sure if I am enough for them at the moment. They both need so much stimulation, particularly Alex. And patience. And when the terror is still not sleeping through that tends to shine through in my patience (or lack of it).

sleep regression

Alex is 19 months old and not sleeping all night. He often wants to come into our bed or have milk and comfort, I know these are all the big NO NO's but anything for an easy life and some sleep, particularly when we are all living at my parents house. Anything to make it easier and more pleasant for everyone else too. I have a feeling when we get into our house it is going to be time for some mummy boot camp. That child will sleep! Or will he? I have heard of boys (why is it always boys?) not sleeping until they are like 4 years old? I pray this isn't the case, my eye bags couldn't carry another 2 and a half years worth of sleep deprivation. Other than his sleep troubles he is a bright, overly intelligent little creature! He is brilliant, he certainly thinks he is the joker!

fussy eating sos

Daisy is also doing fab, loving nursery and is brighter than ever too. She knows a little too much and this comes through in her attitude at times, but it is brilliant to watch / hear! She makes us laugh, she is becoming very sure of herself. Our only concern with Daisy is her diet, she is still having problems with not trying new foods. Point blank refusing them. I think I may do a post about that in the coming weeks as this doesn't feel the place for it.

Over and out,

Hayley x

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