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The little things in life.. Stylfile -Useful or just a gimmick?

This week I have had the opportunity of trying out some funky looking products from Stylfile. Those of you that watch The Apprentice may remember Tom Pellereau, the winning inventor from a few years ago - well these are his inventions and his brand in nail care.

I love finding new products and often have a good look around the high street for products or brands that catch my eye. Although these are available in many places including Boots, Amazon etc I haven't come across them personally when out and about. Although I am not sure how I have missed them with their bright, vibrant packaging I am sure they stand out on the shelf.

First I tried the S File which is curved, feels a little awkward when you first start filing but then when you get into the flow it is nice and easy and starts to feel more comfortable. It was easy to file into a nice curved shape, I am unsure if it would be so easy to get a straight, more blunt shape though if that's the shape you are after. The S-Buffer was similar to use and with this product I really did like the result. It has 4 edges to it and they are numbered, so you know which stage to do first. The end result was a smooth, shiny nail and I have decided this is something I really should do more often - I'm forever covering my nails in polish and gel etc and then taking off and not necessarily looking after them and taking them back to their natural state after.

I also tried the emergency file - like a mini version of the big S File and it comes with a coil protector and attaches to your keys. I like the idea of this and again it looks pretty funky. However its quite big and having it jangling from my keys could be a bit annoying, I popped mine in my make up bag though and it did that job perfectly! The protector is a brilliant idea - I'm sick of finding broken, floppy emery boards in the bottom of my handbag so this is a great solution.

Lastly I have the nipper clipper - as you will know my baby is still cooking and is a way off arriving yet however having teeny nails myself I was able to test this out on both my toe and finger nails (the pinky one at least). The clipper has a big handle for easy grip and what I loved more than anything was the little window hole at the end so you could see what you were cutting - a nail and not a tiny finger ideally! What I really loved about this though was the tiny baby file that comes with it! It's so cute! I also showed it my sister who has a newborn baby and she says their nails are so soft and little that a file rather than a clipper is perfect and much less hassle.

The products are well priced, they won't break the bank anyway and I genuinely do think they may last a long time so you could get your moneys worth. If I am honest I usually buy the disposable type of file but this has shown me that maybe that's not necessarily the best choice - money wise or results! The brand itself I think is vibrant with personality and that's something I like. I have never really thought of buying someone else a nail file ( a bit boring!) but these products would make great gifts, they're fun and packaged really nicely - I wouldn't mind receiving these anyway!

If you want to find out more check out the website: http://www.stylfile.com/index.php
Please note these are my own photographs and I hold the copyright at all times.

Thank you to Stylfile for the opportunity to test these out,

Lots of love,
Hayley xx

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