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The little things in life... What's new this week?

This weekend I will be 29 weeks pregnant, almost that big 30!! I can't quite believe it? I've felt a little nervous this week and apprehensive about my pregnancy and am really looking to week 30 as a next milestone. Every week that passes I think well that's another week she has been baked for and another week closer to being in our arms. 

There's no real reason for that uneasy feeling I guess it's just the usual pains and strains of a bump that is growing when your skin won't allow it, her movement becoming cramped in there so it comes a little sharper and just the general third trimester naff feeling! This week I did have a little scare though when I had some "spotting", instant reaction is PANIC! I've never felt so scared for bump or myself. But... After speaking with the midwives and some close friends my mind was at ease. It's apparently not out of the ordinary in the 3rd trimester when your cervix is soft and tender, sorry to be so graphic!!!! But I think this has all lead to me being a little on edge, that and the lack of a ten hour sleep which I used to enjoy most nights!!!! 

One new little moment that we have quite often is hiccups! It's very cute I must admit, although sometimes when she is very low it's like having a pulse between your legs, slightly odd! 

This last week has been busy with work (as usual), now on countdown to maternity leave- approx 8weeks to go! Hoooooray! I often work at the seaside in Whitby, Yorkshire as it's where our office is located and so it means staying away from home weekly. This week I had company as Ben and his parents came up for a few days for a mini holiday (whilst I worked sadly!). But it was lovely to have company in the evening. A few photos from the beautiful Whitby this week: 

I will share a few more photos of Whitby this weekend once we have sorted through them and uploaded them all. 

So what else is new? 

We have had a mass clear out of the dressing room which was much needed, cleared out the babies room ready for it to start making progress and finally we have had a bedroom overhaul. Or at least started it, it's a start! It's a room we have left pretty much except for painting the walls and carpeting since we moved in as we have tended to focus on downstairs more in the key rooms. Like the rest of the decor in the house we wanted something warm, cosy, quite vintage country yet stylish at the same time. We found ourselves drawn to the tartan style check print that we have used in the front room but in a darker, warmer colour. The bed is sorted (except for the odd cushion that I've ordered) but now we need lamps, curtains etc to finish it off! I also have furniture to upcycle too, lots to do!!!! Here is a sneak preview: 

I have mentioned before about doing a bit of a house tour, maybe I will start doing this room by room soon! It's not all that exciting but I love looking at other peoples houses for inspiration and to be nosey. And I love my house so why not!!! 

Lots of love, 

Hayley xxx

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  1. I finally felt the hiccups last night, well 4am when I was trying to sleep! Not long to go now, feels so good to get everything organised doesn't it :)