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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's 5 months update

We are still away at the moment and this post is scheduled for you, fingers crossed it works!!! 

5 months... Seriously slow down time, this is going way too fast for my liking. 

This has been another big month for Daisy, she is changing so much. First up we had the nasty four month sleep regression and a major growth spurt, which caused a bit of fussiness. Luckily short lived and I got my dream baby girl back before I knew it. 

So some changes and developments:

- Daisy is now comfortably in 3-6 months clothes and the others are all packed away :( she was wearing a few bits of 0-3 up until last week, but I couldn't kid myself any more and they had to go! 

- Teething is in full swing and the dribble has gone up a notch, it's quite common for me to have to change her twice a day purely for the dribble purposes. I do pop on a dribble bib however I find she gets infuriated by them when they flap up into her face, or the monkey just yanks it off! Her cheeks are very rosey and I can just about see the white starting to come through, bizarrely at the top first! Nelsons Teetha granules are my saviour at the moment

- She almost has sitting up cracked and can often sit there for a few minutes when distracted by something, only to then fold herself in two or tumble a few minutes later! 

- A big change for Daisy this month is weaning. Yes she isn't six months yet (hides from health visitor!!) but I am off to work before we know it and I need her ready to be handed to her dad and nursery after that. When I say weaning I mean little spoonfuls of porridge, to get her used to the spoon to start with. I think I'll do a mixture of spoon and baby led weaning. 

- Refusing her bottle was a big frustration this month, I got a bit lazy with expressing for a couple of weeks and bang she then refuses a bottle, whilst screaming the house down! I'm trying to persevere with this. I am also trying out a sippy type cup to see if we can make it more fun for her. 

- I thought she giggled before but nothing like she does now!!! A real proper giggle, she's so funny! 

- As mentioned in previous posts we've started more classes including rhythm time and massage. all about stimulating Daisy and she is loving it!  

- We had her naming/ welcome day this month, it was a lovely day and she was truly spoilt by everyone around us. She is a very lucky girl. If you missed that post find it here

- She is on her first little holiday! We went up to Yorkshire to see friends last month but this is our first time away as a family. We ummed about going to Corfu or somewhere similar but in the end decided on Cornwall. I was a little apprehensive about the travelling with her although its not really what put us off. We thought we would save the pennies! Although how expensive is it to holiday in some places in this country? For example so many people recommended Centre Parcs to us, but my goodness we could have gone abroad twice for the price! 

It doesn't seem much in writing but again she has really changed this past few weeks. People always tell you how fast the time goes, but it really does. 

lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

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