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Shabby pocket organiser (Pinterest project)

I've talked before about Pinterest and my love for pinning pretty things on my boards! But I don't get round to trying them out, except for Daisy's party obviously- see link here

So... I thought I need to get out my sewing machine, which has never been used. I don't feel too guilty about this because it was free from freecycle! Can you believe it? 

I had to watch a few YouTube videos on how to set it up and had a quick lesson from my mum and I was off. Kinda! I'm really heavy footed and not very steady but maybe that will come with practice. 

I decided to start with a pocket organiser, seeing one in a shop made me think it may be pretty easy??

It wasn't so bad! 

You need a big piece of material for how ever big you'll want organiser and then some scraps of material to make the pockets. As an idea if you have cute baby clothes you want to upcycle you could use them for this? 

First I hemmed the main piece and hemmed the top so big that a cane could slide through and some string. That will be the top of your organiser. 

Next up cut out the pockets from your scraps or material of choice, then as simple as sew them on with an opening on the top. I used a zig zag stitch so that if my stitching wasn't all that straight or even then it would just add to the effect. Or that's what I convinced myself anyway!! 

Pull some string through the top and a stick or cane, just so it stays flat when hung and you are complete!!!

Easy! Ish! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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