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Holidaying decisions with baby

Ben had booked the last week of September off so we could have a week away somewhere. Choosing where to go with a baby who was just almost five months old was difficult!

More so because there are so many things to consider like is it safe? How far away is it? What are the flight times like? Etc etc etc... And yes I'm a bit of a worrier. 

We almost clicked confirm on a cheap week in Corfu but both just couldn't press it, even after all our details were entered into the form. When it was just the two of us we wouldn't even have paused or had a second thought!! It wasn't so much the holiday with Daisy that worried me but the thought it would cost so much money, Daisy would be none the wiser as to where we would be and was it really worth that extra stress of travelling with a baby?

We decided to look closer to home, although how expensive is it to holiday in the UK??!! Centre Parcs for example was more expensive than the trip to Corfu!!! We found a few holidays by Haven that were a good price but then luckily were offered the use of a cottage in Cornwall for the week by a family member for a great price, especially as a cottage meant it had good space to walk around and entertain a baby. It's much more like a home from home, if that makes any sense? 

Cornwall still meant quite a lot of travelling, with it being just under 5 hours from our house it meant we had to time set off just right. We left just after Daisy had her morning feed so we knew she would be content for at least a few hours. And we will do the same on the way home but maybe her bed time feed. I'll bath her, put her in her Jamas and off we will go home I expect. Usually when we do this before bed she will sleep until her feed at around 4/5 am so you would think we could make it home without a stop if we chose to. But who knows with babies! 

Other things we needed to consider was what luggage we would need to take, what we would feed her, how we would transport her, where would she sleep etc.

Some tips or great helps we found were:

-Breastfeeding- not as simple to just pick up for a holiday I know, but it meant no sterilising gear, no bottles being made, less preparation for days out and journeys and when she was upset or hungry it was quick and easy to sort her out. We are starting to slowly wean her though so did take a few bits like custard pots by Heinz, no added sugar rusks (to start getting her to coordinate hand to mouth!) and her sippy cup for water. 

- Baby wearing- her baby carrier was brilliant. She loves it! She loves being upright and being nosey and sometimes the beaches etc weren't easy access for a pram and so the carrier came in super handy! We were using a Mothercare version that was leant to us and it did the job just fine.

- Bedding- I took Daisy's bedding with us and made her a little camp bed next to us. We don't have a travel cot and to be honest there wouldn't have been much room here anyway unless I put her in another room and even then it would have been tight. One of those little pop up style ones would have done the job but in this case cushions, her quilt and get sleeping bag did the job perfectly. She looked cosy and slept like a dream. I took all of out bedding so she recognised it and felt at home! 

I won't bore you all too much but I will do some posts on our holiday and some things we got upto in Cornwall including lots of photos soon!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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  1. We were in a similar situation a few months back, toyed with the idea of going abroad (although passport never turned up in time anyway) but settled for a UK trip in Devon. I agree about prices though, UK holidays are so expensive. We are going to centre parcs next year but there's 7 adults sharing accommodation (not so bad once you've split the cost 7 ways). Don't think we could afford it for just the three of us!

    Looking forward to reading more about your holiday.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps x

    1. They are crazy the prices! We were lucky to have beautiful weather and so were pleased we decided uk after all!

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