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Getting sociable with Daisy and her pals (Baby massage and rhythm time)

There are lots of classes, meets ups etc available for mums (and dads of course) and their babies. I went to a Sure Start group when I was heavily pregnant called bumps and babies and always felt a little awkward. Although it was called BUMPS and babies I was the only bump there. The only one without my little baby! I went along with my sister though who had a teeny baby back then, so it was good for baby to meet other babies and potentially some other mums for me and my sister. 

It didn't quite work out like that, it wasn't really our cup of tea to put it bluntly. It put me off groups a little and I just thought I am happy meeting up with friends who have had babies and of course my sister and her children. 

Half way into my maternity it dawned on me a little that maybe i should be fulfilling my leave a little more and exposing Daisy to more social activities that will aid her development. One of my friends invited us to rhythm time for a free trial. i did a bit of googling and asking on twitter to my mummy friends and it looked a tad cringey - lots of singing and dancing obviously for the mummy's as babies cant exactly do it just yet can they! But its for Daisy... So off I went! 

It was brilliant, yes cringey but great. And Daisy squealed all the way through with excitement, so I think that meant she loved it! So that was it, I had to sign up until Remembered for her. It wasn't too bad, just over £50 for the term. Its good for their sensory development with instruments to play, materials to touch, songs to listen to and music to dance to! And of course lots of other babies to look at and chatter to. As well as Daisy loving it I really enjoyed it too, meeting so many other mums was lovely. A lot of them knew each other from breastfeeding classes that they went to when pregnant (I didn't go! naughty!) so know each other already, they then go for coffee and cake afterwards in town. i was so touched when they asked me to join them! I couldn't make it the first week but the 2nd week i went along. it was lovely, really nice to sit and chat to others in the same position as I am. all the babies are similar kind of age, most are first time mums and a lot (probably due to the classes) are or have been breastfeeding. So actually not only is it good for Daisy to socialise with littleys and develop her senses in class but its good for me too to get out and meet with others similar to myself. 

It just so happens that the week Rhythm time started a baby massage class started run by Sure start in our village. I went along to it too and well it was a different experience. I wasn't too sure to be honest. Firstly Daisy fed and slept for the whole hour so I didn't even put the oil on my hands. Secondly I found it all a little... odd. not only the class itself but also maybe the group was so  mixed with different families that I just couldn't see myself mixing with there. Except for 2 lovely ladies I already knew who I could see without going to this odd class. The atmosphere was just strange, really awkward. its really difficult to explain! 

So this week i was fifty fifty on if I would go or not. Even when we got to the carpark I was unsure if i was going to go in or not. My friend wasn't able to go and I think I was just using that as an excuse not to go, I had a bit of a word with myself and thought one more try, for Daisy. This week there was just 3 of us, all girls I could actually talk to and have something in common with. We had a good class, Daisy actually participated for 3/4 of the class until her thumb went it and she went to sleep and then at the end we had a good chat about mummy things like weaning, routine etc. It was really nice, I actually enjoyed it! So will be going next week (If we aren't on holiday!)

So all in all we are filling our time nicely at the moment and enjoying it! 

What classes or groups do you go to?

lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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  1. I've just started baby massage with my little girl (also 5 months) but there's only 3 other mummies and I'm the youngest! It's very nice though and I'm looking into swimming and baby yoga! X