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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Baby sensory ideas

Since we have been attending classes like bumps and babies, rhythm time etc we have started to understand sensory play.

Things that engage your babies senses wether it be be sight, touch or feeling. One particular favourite of Daisy's was the emergency foil blankets (the type they put on you after a marathon!! Not that I've ever done one haha!) at rhythm time. 

I had a look on Amazon and found one for 73p including delivery, how much if a bargain is that?? And she loves it! It really engages all senses too, it's lovely and shiny and reflects light, it's nice and cool and crinkly to touch and it makes a noise she loves when she scrunches and plays with it! Definitely a winner! I've also lay her on it and she can almost see her own reflection in it. 

The other sensory toy that we have found they love is the tumble drier balls!! We had some on a wishlist of ours a few months back but they are quite price when they are marketed as baby sensory balls. I have seen them for cheap as chips in Home Bargains though. We are yet to pick some up but she loves them at her groups! 

Any other ideas you have tried??

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. Ahh, the foil blanket is a fab idea - I'm definitely going to order one of those to add to Jasmine's sensory bits. I can't believe the price of 'baby sensory balls' either. Although I've ordered a big 'massage ball' - basically the same thing. It was only a couple of quid!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Ohhh I'll have a look at one if those then too!! Xxxx