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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's 6 month update

I say this every time... But six months?? Seriously slow down time! In no way at all does it feel like I've been off work that long or had this little little lady in our life for that long either. 

So Daisy is now being weaned properly as you will know from our weaning journals if you follow us regularly. She has taken to it like a duck to water, she loves it! If she is in the mood and not pigged out on milk. The one time it's tricky is if she naps in afternoon for any longer than an hour then she wakes up very snuggly but can be a bit upset and wants milk. I'm learning to have to distract her so I can give her tea rather than milk, otherwise she wouldn't eat her tea. I don't mind feeding her but it's the one meal I am trying to get her into routine of having every night. Of course she can have milk afterwards and always has a nice feed after her bath when she is all lovely and snuggly ready for bed. 

I am doing a bit of a combined way of weaning her, a bit of baby led finger foods and purées. Because it suits us and to be honest I can't see that Daisy would eat properly with finger foods as she doesn't really chew properly and I'm not convinced she actually eats a whole lot that way. But it's a personal choice! 

Her hair has sprouted again! It's so fair and soft. I can't decide if it will stay fair or go darker though, it could go either way at the moment! 

We are still teething and no sign of one cutting at the moment. Some days it looks close at the bottom but then other days they seem to sink back in and disappear. The dribble is non stop and so our dribble bibs are now getting some good use!! 

She now rolls over easily and can sit unaided for a little while. I wouldn't say she can actually sit up just yet, but she is close! She still folds herself in two or topples over if she's not concentrating. 

Sleep is random really this past few weeks. Some nights she goes 6pm- 8am and other nights she is up 2-3 times each night. I think it's all about these bloomin' development leaps and sadly the naughty toothie pegs too.

I'm getting quite sad writing this as it's dawned on me how long I've been on maternity and how long I have left, not long enough. If only I could stay home with my baby forever, but I know it can't be like that if I want her to have the things I want her to in life! And of course afford a buddy for her someday! So we have to make the most of it while it lasts... 

Next month will be emotional, I'll be back off to work shortly after... Yikes. 

For now, 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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