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Review: Ella's kitchen pouches

As you'll already know (and probably bored stiff of) I'm weaning Daisy and am doing a journal to record what we are trying and how it's going alongside Organix

But we have stepped out of that box and tried other things too. A brand really recommended by lots of other mums, a brand in the press a lot and a brand which featured in out first Nonabox, Ella's kitchen. 

When looking at the fixture there are so many brands and products to choose from and become lost in, but these pouches really do stand out. So bright and colourful and inviting. 

I hadn't picked much up really from this section yet as I am trying to cook fresh where possible but then I received a few pouches in my nonabox. I received a savoury pouch which was broccoli, pears and peas which I thought was an odd combination to be honest, but it tasted good. The pear run the show which is perhaps why it was such a success in our house with Daisy! 

Next up was what they call a brekkie pouch and it was blueberry and pear. Again we like pear so I thought it would go down well, sadly not! It was very, very sweet and slight tart and even on the third attempt Daisy wasn't sure. All it did was leave us in a purple mess, and Daisy with some gothic looking lips!!!! 

So a mixed taste review from Daisy! 

However the concept is great, all nice healthy foods in a lovely texture and some fab packaging that works really well. You just squeeze into your bowl, heat if you require and feed! Easy peasy! Even easier my sister has a spoon you attach to the pouch for her daughter when we are out and she squeezes on to attached spoon and feeds that way. 

Of course you can't micro the pouch but you can sit in hot water if wanted it warm when out.

Since trying a few from in our box I have purchased a few more to have in the cupboard as quick meals if I haven't anything made up and more than anything to get Daisy to try new flavours which is what we are all about at the moment. She is too little to eat a whole pouch just yet so we use it over two days but you can freeze it too!! 

Anyone else tried them? Which are your little ones favourites?

Lots of love,
Hayley and Daisy xxx

All opinions are my own


  1. Haha, love Daisy's gothic lips!! :')

    We love the Ella's kitchen pouches - Jasmine's been having the mango brekkie one.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. I think I've been unlucky with our choices! She hated blueberry brekkie and the. Today we tied sweet potato and broccoli and am she wouldn't eat it at all she just jammed her lips shut! I tried it though and it wasn't pleasant!! X

  2. Ha! Daisy is so cute! Sydney loves the Ellas kitchen range, her favourites are the banana breakkie and the strawberry and mango breakfast cereal. I think we get different varieties over here. xx

    1. You are the second person to say the mango brekkie is a fave, I'm going to have to look at that one!!! Xx