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Daisy weaning journal continued #2

For those of you that may not know as part of our current blog set up I am holding a series of posts regarding weaning, with a journal by myself and Daisy and then a few guest posts also. 

So where are we up to? 

Sweet potato continues to go well but still only every few days as I don't want her to get used to just one flavour and texture. In some research I've read it says stick to just a few things but that can't widen their taste surely?? 

Below I will talk a little about Organix and their new Little book of weaning, which is brilliant. they suggest you have to keep trying new things, maybe even up to 5 times if not more before a baby accepts the taste and likes something. I can see why some mums or dads may be put off trying things when you see their faces they pull when eating things for the first time. Especially if you have gone to the trouble of making tj yourself, although seriously how hard is it to boil some veg and blend?? 

This week I've tried mashing banana up in some of her milk, I'm only talking a 1/4 of banana for the day as don't want to give the poor cherub tummy ache! Well this was a success!!! 

That's her "I'm done" face! I've learnt to stop when she gives me the signs otherwise she will gag and sick it all back up! And that's a waste of time! And a messy job! By the way I was so unprepared for how ummmm different her nappies would be with just a tiny bit of food!!! (Gross I know, all mums do this don't they?) 

Banana was also good because it had a few lumps in but they slipped down I guess, so she gagged but it was over quickly and she wasn't sick. Phew! This may be a good option to get her used to a few lumps!

Another learning this week is to have baby wipes to hand, she flicks it everywhere and spits it out at times!!! 

The Munchkin spoons are going okay, they're nice and bright which Daisy loves but they are quite deep set which means it's hard to get much in their little mouths at one time when they aren't exactly cooperating as such. When they're bigger and she almost sucks off the spoon I expect they'll be better. 

A few other bits I've bought in the shopping this week to try is normal potato, sweet potato, carrot, parsnip, apple and pear. I'll let you know what I do with these and how we go as and when :)

As a first time mum you get lots of info thrown at you by health visitors full of government guidelines and other people opinions and so I've decided to do my own research. Organix have launched a little book of weaning full of great advice and tips: http://www.organix.com/littlebookofweaning

I've found it really useful and love the style of playing with food to experience it. I can picture some mums faces now cringing at the thought of a child squishing their veg after licking and sucking it but I really like the concept of making food fun. Exactly like it says in the book it encourages a positive relationship with food. Who would want to be force fed something if they didn't want it afterall? 

I've heard of a few other sites and books being good, any you recommend?? 

Lots of love,
Hayley & Daisy xxx

This post is a collaboration with Organix but is based on all my own opinions 

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