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Bump #2 Pregnancy diary: Weeks 14-18

With the Christmas break my blog also decided it would have a little rest too, so this time my pregnancy updates have been grouped into a four week catch up!

To be honest not much has changed really, nothing dramatically anyway. The one thing I must tell you, well shout to you is that I am starting to feel more like myself! I am much less sick, much less tired and generally am starting to feel a little more human that before. Which is such a relief, I just can't tell you how draining it is!!


I am still in massive shock, I am not sure if I will get my head around it to be honest until I see that teeny little man in real life. I really do need to start getting things sorted for him as I guess I am pretty much half way now. Everything I currently have is very, very girly! 

I still get tired easily and if I'm off or able to then when Daisy naps I will join her for half an hour, lazy bones I know! But hey if you can't beat them, join them! 

I am actually able to stay awake past 8pm now and am now going to bed normal time again for me, around 10pm. I  even managed to stay awake past midnight on New Years Eve, yeah go me!! Although I did wake up the next day with a non alcohol induced hangover, how is that fair? 

Food wise, I do have my appetite. It comes and goes in size but the only plus is that I am still really enjoying fruit and actually have found myself really wanting more veg in my meals. I really need to kick start this healthy eating so this couldn't have come at a better time, cue ordering a fruit and veg box from our local supplier! Along with a good appetite also comes a thirst, sometimes I just can't quench it. Which is great really because if I'm not thirsty then I just won't remember to have a drink, I know, terrible.

The worst thing for me this past few weeks has been this dreaded "pregnancy cold", I just couldn't shift it. I must have had it for at least 6 weeks and I just felt disgusting! Even the good old vitamin weren't making much difference, although I am not very strict with them so maybe I should get right back on the Centrum pregnancy vitamins that I took last time. The only thing that has helped much at all is putting Vicks on my feet at night under socks (an old wives tale that seems to help for at least an hour or so!) and drinking as much water as I possibly could. I tried not to take anything if I could help it and only took paracetamol on the one night when my throat was on fire. I would just rather not if I can help it. I must admit I did actually use Daisy's Calpol Saline spray for a few days to try and ease my sinuses too, it seemed to work!

My bump has popped out a little, sometimes it looks much bigger than others though. I guess it must be his position to how it looks. Visually I haven't changed much at all to be honest, I am still too small or not pronounced enough to wear any of the maternity wear I have purchased, the only thing I can get away with wearing is this top from ASOS and even that is still not fitting perfectly, another few more weeks and I am sure I will be rocking that maternity wear! Other than a rounder tum and boobs the only difference visible to me is that my hair is growing rapidly and my skin is better. To others they may hopefully be starting to think I don't look quite so rough as I have been trying to make more effort this past few weeks what with having a tiny bit more energy and some special occasions thrown in there!

Movement hasn't got all that much stronger yet really, I do feel him more often than say 3 weeks ago but it certainly isn't a KICK KICK yet, more of a gentle poke. I am looking forward to the day I can actively encourage it!

I did a video update this week too to go along with this update, you can see it here:

Lots of love, 

Hayley xxx

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