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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's 20 month update

I haven't done one of these in bloody ages, I set out to do them every 3-4 months but I guess time has just whizzed by as usual and it's fallen off the priority list at some point. I'm kicking myself really because I love looking back and reading these and I know I will even more when our little boy comes along too.

So where do I start? Well Daisy is an independent little madam! She is definitely her own person and no one stands in her way, or that's the way she likes to think it is anyway! She won't be fed very often, only when she is feeling lazy, she hates to get dressed and have her bum changed, again only when she's worn out and doesn't have the energy to fight you off, she doesn't want to sit in the push chair, basically she likes to do most things herself!

Eating isn't so wonderful. We really hit a wall at around the 15 month mark and it doesn't seem to have sorted itself out. When weaning and after that Daisy ate anything we fed her, she would have off days but generally I could say she was a good, non fussy eater! Now is a different story! She will not eat vegetables, meat in its natural state and well she won't eat anything that she can't pick up with her fingers that isn't fruit, breaded, cold, or a snack! Lovely home made food, think again. It is so frustrating! I have many a time walked out of the room while she is screaming and throwing it at me but I can't force her! As much as I'd love to at times!!

I really don't want to make food an issue and am just hoping if I keep giving her new things then she will remember she likes them! But who knows! 

She is obviously running around, climbing and being a monkey easily now, it seems they go from wobbly, chubby little babies to little dare devils in just a matter of days. 

Daisy's speech is brilliant, she can probably say close to 30ish words now such as Dadda, Mumma, nanna, banana, tea, juice, night night, hello, hiya, hot, milk, book, car, cake, tree, birdy, ouch, down, please, good girl, star, sun, moon, dark, no, yes etc! She is pretty much picking up new words and behaviours daily.

She recently got her first swimming certificate, which was a nice little milestone! 

Daisy sleeps well at the moment although she does wake most nights around 2-3am, usually I can pop her dummy in or just rub her back and she will drop off again. She does however like to come into our bed when she can, as much as I complain I do like the cuddles and know they won't be on offer for ever!! Also if she  does manage to wangle herself into our bed then she does tend to have a lie in, which is always welcome!!!! 

Lots of love,

Hayley & Daisy xxx

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