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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Toddlebike2: Daisy gets her first set of wheels!

Over the past month or so we have been testing out the Toddlebike 2 with Daisy and so far, so good!!

I was a litte unsure if it was bit too early for Daisy to be scooting aorund on something like this as when it arrived she sat on the seat and couldn't really reach the handles without stretching really far and making herself a little unsteady. Of course we have to remember Daisy's right hand doesn't give her the grip ability that the other does so that does come into play slightly. 

However she has proved us wrong, she just scoots along the frame and pulls herself in closer to the handles and can whizz around on it. Obviously with the weather like it is (it is winter after all!) we haven't ventured outside on it as much as I would have liked to, but we do have wooden and tiled flooring in our house which makes for some super speedy racing about! 

When I first received this bike I was surprised at how light it was but how sturdy it was at the same time, which makes it really easy to move around and put away etc. I am sure in the spring it will be getting hooked under our arm while we go off down to the park with it, or it could be put into the boot of the car with ease to be taken to the grandparents house for a spin! 

I have been so pleased with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone with toddlers who are still too young for balance bikes but want something a bit more exciting than a standard trike, it is a great stepping stone up to the balance bike. 

A few snippets from their webpage:

Toddlebike – a unique “Pre-Balance” bike suitable for Toddlers as soon as they can confidently walk (usually around 18 months)

Widely accepted by cyclists and the cycling media as being THE BEST first step towards independent riding

Indoor AND outdoor use so LOADS of practice time without pressure or frustration at the pace of each individual child

Super lightweight – just 0.8kg – 3 times lighter than most balance bikes, scooters or ride-ons

As you can see Daisy loves it! I will be featuring it in one of our YouTube videos soon too :)

Lots of love, 

Hayley & Daisy xxx

*We were kindly sent this in return for our honest opinions

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