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Bump #2 Pregnancy diary: Weeks 18- 20

Well these past two weeks have absolutely flown by.

Work has been manic since returning back from the Christmas break and well things have just felt busy, maybe it is the whole getting back into a routine thing. I am not sure, but either way I am finding that this pregnancy is absolutely whizzing by me, I am sure he will be here before I know it!

So the biggest news this update I guess is that we had our 20 week anomaly scan last week and thankfully all went well. Baby boy was awake and lively, and the sonographer was able to do all of her measurements and checks and all looked as it should be. We were able to see his face this time, for the first time properly and I am pleased to say all looked good there too. For some reason it has been playing on my mind that there may be something wrong, I guess I am just expecting the worst after our news when I was expecting little Daisy. It is only normal, I hope.

I am sure when you see my bump you will think I have just gone POP! this past few weeks, I feel that way, and my clothes are certainly feeling it too! It seems to have burst from nowhere. Some days it is definitely bigger than others. I have had that feeling of a heavy bump return, I now remember what it was like at times with Daisy. For some reason or another sometimes it just feels really hard and heavy, maybe when I have eaten too much!!! Or it could be the babies position perhaps.

The sickness has subsided and I had about 4/5 days without any and I truly thought things were on the up and I was well and truly over it, but nope... This past few days I have been waking around 4/5am to run to the bathroom. Glamorous! Luckily in the day I don't feel too bad, except for if I go too long without food or if I get too over tired. So my appetite tends to be quite good! I need to slow down and watch it really as I am pretty sure my face is starting to resemble one of those puffer fish things.

Other things I have really noticed is my skin has really dried out, especially on my hands where they look quite chapped and well, haggid! I am using my Crabtree & Evelyn moisturiser which does seem to help but they can still get really sore by night time if I don't apply it several times in the day. I don't remember having this with Daisy, but I do get quite dry hands in the winter. It may not be pregnancy related at all!

Movement has picked up a bit and I feel him throughout the day now on and off, I have also seen my tummy twitching at times too, usually bedtime! It is so reassuring to feel! The movement can only get stronger too!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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