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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's garden party

We made a decision not to have Daisy christened. Although both myself and Ben are christened we haven't been to church since really apart from the odd wedding, christening and special service. We didn't get married in a church either, we we didn't feel it necessary to have Daisy christened, I'm sure deep down a lot of people (not all) will only have one for the celebration and party anyway! 

So we decided to plan a day to celebrate having Daisy and welcome her if you like. It was also a good chance to say thank you to out family and very close friends who have showed Daisy so much love and really helped us out at times. 

I love planning events and those that know me will know I love a bit of vintage or shabby chic. I knew I wanted Daisy's party to be bright yet shabby, think Great British bake off tent! 

We were lucky to have the garden at Bens aunty and uncles house and it's beautiful views, as well as the use of a marquee and chairs etc from his uncle. The only thing we couldn't plan was the weather but it was okay most of the time, not a wash out anyway! 

So more of a photo post than anything today...

And our little belle of the ball...


Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. Ooh I love it! The whole theme is what I want for my wedding and little Miss Daisy looks beautiful in her outfit!
    Me and Pete are thinking the same about christenings, neither of us were christened and I feel like it's all for the gifts nowadays so something like this would be perfect! Xx

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    2. I loved planning it and putting it altogether, just like my wedding! In quite envious of you planning yours now! I wish I could go back to it again! Xxx