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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Party DIY projects and ideas

I love a good party... The planning being one of my favourite bits! I just love thinking of a theme, pulling it all together and trying to be a little creative. I'm probably one of the least artistic people I know but I do have a creative mind at times! 

I did a lot of DIY bits for my wedding in Greece and a few parties since like my mums 50th birthday but when we decided to have a little welcoming party for little Daisy I got a bit excited! I'll do a post about her day which was yesterday later separately as we have some beautiful photos but I thought I'd do some of the DIY bits here...

Those that follower me on twitter (@hayleychall1) will know I'm a Pinterest addict! And this fuels my love for DIY projects!! 

I love tissue paper pom poms because I love a vintage theme and they fit perfectly. I bought one of two off eBay and then pulled it apart so I could see how to do them myself, mainly because it's cheaper but also because I wanted to do them. 

So first you put a few pieces of tissue paper together (5/6) and then start to fan fold it along the longest side... 

And tie it in the centre. Shape the ends so they'll look like petals and then start to pull the pieces up layer by layer like the above. YouTube has some good videos :) 

Then hang them up to look all pretty! 

I love jam jars and their plenty of uses, their uses are endless! So I decided to use them for drink glasses... Some people were not so sure but when they saw them all made up I think they got the idea and they looked lovely, so cute! 

I simply peeled all the labels and soaked them and then ran through the dishwasher to ensure they were spotless and then chose some pretty twine and ribbon to decorate! I got the ribbon from Dunelm and I had a few other bits off family to mix it up a little. 

The paper striped straws are readily available, I got these from Amazon but I've seen them in Home bargains too and they're nice and cheap but add such a nice vintage touch! I used them for both pimms (of course! You can't have a garden party without it!) and some lovely pink lemonade, which I thought would look beautiful as well as being tasty. Again photos of it all in action will be on the blog another day. 

I also used jam jars for the table displays with candles and also flowers. 

Another DIY project was the invites. I didn't really need invites as it was just close family and friends coming but hey any excuse. 

So with some pretty card and a press cutter to make some lovely little daisies I came up with these..

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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