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Makeup Revolution #2

You may have seen my previous post on Makeup Revolution and my mixed reviews on the products- if not find it here. Generally I loved them but did find a few of the bargain £1 lipsticks a bit like a crayon. 

So.. I tried a few of the palletes. There is a real buzz around them in the blogger world at the moment and had to try at least one as especially the eye palletes got brilliant write ups. 

First up is the Blush and Contour pallete in Hot spice. Retails at £6.

How nice is the packaging? For such affordable prices I don't think it looks bad at all! 

The colours in this pallete are really warm and rich, usually I would go for more pinky peach tones but it's nice to try something different and actually these would compliment a tanned complexion nicely. 

Here are some swatches..

(Picture using blush and eye pallete for a very natural around the house look today)

In this pallete you get a good sized mirror which is great as so many don't now and I know some of their other products don't come with them. 

Next up is an eye pallete for just £4 which I chose from Superdrug last week on a little shopping spree. I went for this pallete as the colours are neutral and can be used for all occasions, there were some amazingly bright ones which took my eye but for starters I thought I would try this one: Redemption Pallete Iconic 2

I'm afraid I stormed right in before taking some nice glossy photos of this! I get a bit excited and have to use things right away!!! As you can see I threw the applicator away firstly, who uses those sponge flimsy applicators anyway? That's a bit of disappointment and also no mirror in this pallete. But then for the price you can't complain! 

This product is my favourite that I have tried of Makeup Revolutions, it's nicely pigmented, goes on nicely and lasts all day without the need to touch up. 

It's a mix of shimmery tones and matte which is what I like best about it! The lighter tones on the left I have been using as highlighters too. I will definitely be purchasing a few more of these! For the price how could I not??

Which products have you tried and liked or disliked?

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. I've got loads of products from MUR, and the only dissapointing thing, was a mascara. But only because it didn't give much product to my lashes :) Check out my newest post about MUR palettes and lipsticks!! Great blog :) xx

    1. I definitely will have a read of yours! Thank you xx