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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's 4 month update

4 months??? Seriously slow down time! It feels like only yesterday I was writing the 3 month update. 

It doesn't feel as if on paper much has changed really but as a little character so much has developed even this last week. So a few little notable changes and traits:

- her chatting is a real little conversation now, she's quite the chatterbox. She tells us all about her day and exactly what she thinks, we have to guess what she's saying but still! What's even cuter than her talking to mr lamp or curtain is when she spots her daddy all of a sudden, he gets the biggest smiles and loudest coos! 

- thumb sucking is a development. It's no longer by chance but deliberate and she often uses it to settle herself, including to sleep twice this week. Do thumb suckers get sore thumbs?? 

- I think I can spot a tooth coming at the top, it's as if it's broken through the tiniest amount. I thought the bottom teeth always came first though?? This could explain the constant dribble and rosy cheeks! 

- she is still wanting to stand or sit up all of the time, hates being lay down something's. Although she can lie under her baby gym for half an hour or so at a time now, just enough time for mum to get a cup of tea! 

- her hair has started to sprout and us still in between curly and straight, I think it may go straight eventually, she's very fair too. 

- she is almost out of most of her 0-3 clothes now :( and is pretty much wearing 3-6 months now, as sad as it is at least it means a new wardrobe! And every girl likes that! 

- she really notices things now like patterns and eyes on her toys, she stares at them for ages. 

- in a morning now she stays in her cot (yep she's in her big girls bed!!) chatting to her friends, she seems very content in there. She is still sleeping very well at night, although this last few nights it's been 7-2 and then 2.30- 6.30/7 ish. When it's before 7 I feel like a zombie but I know how lucky I am really!! 

- she still loves her baths and goes wild in them. Although I now have to try and do it earlier and earlier as she is getting tired earlier at night and we can have tears and a tantrum when I get her out just because she is so tired 

- she is still breastfed and it is still working for both of us, especially night time when I can't even think about making up a bottle! She does take a bottle though and is happy to if needed. 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. Sounds like little Daisy is coming on leaps and bounds. Jasmine's a thumbsucker too - it's so cute! :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. I just keep having moments and thinking she's growing too fast and doing too much, I want time to slow down!! xx