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GBBO Linky #3 Bread week

So I missed week 2, what a let down! It was a busy, busy week with Daisy's garden party and when I had a free minute it was all hands to finishing everything for that and getting it all ready for the weekend. Priorities and all that! 

I'm disappointed this week was bread week. I've never been able to make bread. As Mr Hollywood said this week, patience, patience, patience! I have zero. It always looks okay but tastes vile and ends up being thrown out like a brick to the birds who won't touch it and then a few days later I have to bring in to the bin to avoid rats!!

 However, I'm trying to stick to the themes a little as a bit of a challenge to myself, although I did think about another Swiss roll week, just because! 

But no I stuck with my guns and decided to make a white loaf. 

I had some yeast in my store cupboard from Aldi and on the back was a little recipe for a nice white loaf, so I followed this, to an extent. 


1 yeast packet (7g)
1 1/2lb strong white bread flour
1oz butter
450ml of water (1 part boiled, 1 part straight from the tap)
2 tsps salt

I thought this may be a little boring so added in a little flavour, bit of chopped basil, chilli flakes and some Lazy red onion. If nothing else it made the dough look pretty! 

So you mix it all up and knead for 10 minutes, if you are lazy like me and you have a dough hook on your mixer let it do the hard work for you. I left it knead for about 8 minutes and it was a very sticky but incredibly stretchy texture, it stuck to the bowl like a stretchy slime. It looked wet but didn't feel it.

Getting it into the greased tin was a bit tricky! So it didn't look very pretty, let's go for rustic! 

I did consider kneading it on a floured surface before putting in tin but I didn't want to risk knocking the air out of it and turning it into a brick again. 

It says cover with cling film and leave in a warm place. The sun was blaring through the window so I popped it on the coffee table to sunbathe and hopefully double in size...

Well it escaped the tin... 

I kind of pushed it back a little and hoped for the best!!! 

In to the oven on a soft bake option.. Instead of sticking to a specific time I smelt when it smelt cooked (how amazing does bread smell baking?) and also tipped it out and knocked the bottom, if it sounds hollow it should be done!


Miracles happen... It's actually very tasty!!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


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  2. That looks really good, it turned out great! :) I've baked my #GBBOLinkUp recipe today- it looks ok, but I've just been told that we need it for a family dinner tomorrow and I can't taste it beforehand, so I'm a little worried haha.
    Jennifer x

  3. This looks fab - maybe bread isn't so scary after all? :) #GBBOLinkUP

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. Yum we concurred bread week! Yours looks great, I can't believe it proved so much and escaped the tin!! Thanks for linking up #GBBOLinkUp xx