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7 Car Servicing & Car Care Tips For Long Journeys | Travel Tips

7 Car Servicing & Car Care Tips For Long Journeys | Travel Tips

As the summer holidays whizz around at super speed, you might be considering a longer journey in your car than normal. If you only use your car to commute in or to do the school run on a daily basis, then you might not be geared up for the greater demands that will be put on it during a longer drive. We always make sure we do the following things so we know we are in the safest hands (or wheels)!

1) Professional Car Servicing

If you don't opt for car servicing annually, then the value of your car can drop. What's worse is that something only a professional will pick up might otherwise be missed if you only do basic checks yourself. As such, you may be putting your family in danger, especially on a longer than usual journey. Booking car servicing online in the UK can now be done conveniently with companies such as DAT Tyres who offer professional quotations according to your vehicle type, easy peasy!

2) Car Tyre Pressure

This is something to check every few thousand miles anyway and something I do all of the time as I often have to drive a long way for work, but particularly worth doing ahead of a long trip. When you next fill up with fuel, use the garage's air pump to confirm that your tyres are neither over or under-inflated.

3) Screen Wash

Running out of screen wash on the motorway with miles to go on your journey is extremely annoying. In poor road conditions, it might mean you cannot see clearly and have to stop as a result.

4) Lights Check

Before you head out you should always make sure all of your indicators and lights work, including the reversing lamp. Your main lights should also all function in dipped, sidelight and full beam mode. This is something I really need to check more often!

5) New Wiper Blades

If you don't drive long journeys often, then you might get away with wiper blades which are beyond their best. However, you won't do so on longer trips if it rains heavily. If your windscreen remains smeary after using them, then you should buy new ones.

6) Air Conditioning

Most modern cars have air-con these days but the systems that are fitted tend to lose pressure over time and become less and less efficient. Ensure yours is properly pressurised and that any leaking points are sealed up so that you and your family remain comfortable on a long, hot journey. And in our case try to prevent any car sickness :(

7) Tyre Tread Depth

Confirming your tyres have sufficient tread depth to be street legal is one thing. If you want to be able to swerve and brake properly – especially when there is a lot of road surface water – then you will need an even better level of traction from your tyres. Never skimp on running them for too long before exchanging them for new ones and don't leave it until you are halfway through your trip before taking action.

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