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This is a bit of a different post for me but something I thought may be a little interesting or at least a little helpful for myself, maybe. A chance to see where I am at with my blog, what I plan to do and what is coming up...

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So I have been writing my blog for over three years now, I mean, how did that even happen? I don't tend to stick to many things, like hobby things, so this is a miracle. I think I still see it as something of my own, something only I can hide away and do, for some peace and quiet mainly. It has spiralled over probably the last 18 months and I now find  myself with deadlines to complete etc, but that hasn't taken any of the enjoyment out of it. If anything it has made me feel more proud of what I have built up. It is hard work to maintain it to the standard I want and sometimes I wish I could produce content more regularly and more exciting but at the moment it sits along my day job and family life, and those things have to come first.

So, writing; I love that I have learnt to enjoy writing, I am not the best writer out there by any stretch and I will never be some award winning mummy blogger or author but for now I just enjoy expressing myself, chatting random crap and well being me. If I think back to school time then there is no way that I would have seen myself in the future doing any writing at all, it really wasn't my thing back then.

I know this is a bit out there but I have been secretly writing for a while now, and have even started a little story. I am in  no way talking about a book that is to be published or anywhere near that kind of quality, it is just something I am enjoying getting stuck into. It is a story about a young woman and the ups and downs of her life, nothing like my own, which is why I am loving the escapism of imagining how different life could be and well getting stuck into a story. It is nothing spectacular and well I haven't done an awful lot of it, but I have started none the less. And this is an update and something I thought I could talk about.

I have got more and more into photography over the last 12-18 months. When I look back at some of my old posts I cringe, the quality, cropping and editing is just awful. But then it is what got me started and made me learn more, so it isn't a bad thing. So expect to see lots more photos coming up on here, especially of our travels which is also something I love to do!

If you are not new to this blog then you will know as a family we love to get away, home or abroad and we have lots more exciting plans in for the remainder of this year, we just need some sunshine to be able to do some of the camping plans we have!

Just like I mentioned about my photos, I also look back at videos I made. They were even worse. I have never been seriously into my YouTube channel (in the manner of subs etc) and have only pulled together videos to either compliment a blog post or to capture travel memories or an event. I have started to really enjoy not only the editing side but also the capturing. Playing with our new camera and finding out ways to make it more visually appearing, interesting and well exciting. I don't plan to take the world by storm on my channel and it certainly won't be a priority this year but I do hope to keep producing content and share it alongside here.

So that is just an update of where I am up to on this little online space of mine, I haven't done this in a while,

Hayley xxx


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