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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A Summer Wishlist For Toddler Girls

It is no secret that I love a shopping haul. Especially for Daisy. I am getting at better for shopping for Alex but I always admit that I will always LOVE shopping for girls. There is just much more choice.

Summer is my favourite time to shop. I am thinking holidays and exploring out in the sunshine!

I always keep my eye on Matalan because it is just so reasonable, almost on par with Primark pricing I think. And the quality is better and actually the choice for toddlers is too, they wash better and seem to last that bit longer. I am no Primark snob, I love a Primarni trip more than anyone.

My top tips from the new summer range from Matalan can be seen below. I am actually on yet another spending ban at the moment, Daisy has just far too many clothes. But I know I will have to get a piece or two ready for her next holiday in August. I mean just look at that bag, anything with pom poms is a winner to me!

A Summer Wishlist For Toddler Girls, Matalan summer

Another shop that I just love for the kids is the Essential One, which again sells high quality clothing. Their prices may be a little higher than Primark and some of the supermarkets but they are in no way not affordable and their sale picks are amazing !

Essential One Summer range

We actually have that gorgeous yellow summer dress and I can't wait to share some photos of it very soon, it is so beautiful!

Hayley x

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