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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Alex... You Are One!

How is it possible that my baby boy is one year old? I have no idea. It is a well known fact that when your baby hits one, broodiness can whollop you around the head like a sack of spuds. I can't say I am at that point right now, I think I would like another little one but it all depends on if you my baby boy  ever sleeps through properly. 

You are a little monster, in fact you have another name, Wreck It Ralph! You do not do relaxing, chilling or just sitting about. You have to be climbing, tearing things up, emptying things and generally making us run around after you, CONSTANTLY! You're so cheeky with it but my goodness you're tiring at times. You are crawling at super speed and have been for some time now, you're actually starting to toddle about. you can stand independently and on our latest holiday to France you took about 4 steps and did it several times, leaping  from one thing to another. I have no doubt you'll be running around very soon! 

You eat really well, weaning hasn't been any trouble at all. You'll actually eat pretty much anything that is put in front of you. When you see food that isn't for you or is still being prepared you go mad, because you want it. How dare someone else eat something and how dare it not be given to you quicker! I really hope you carry on eating so well, your sister started so well but now lives on a very limited diet. Her choice sadly, and she doesn't take lightly to persuasion either. So please baby boy, do this one thing for me. 

People always told me that boys were different to girls, and I always thought it a weird thing to say. All babies are different surely, I mean you are ma mini human so why would you be the same as anyone else, never mind a baby girl. One thing I do know though is that you're very different to Daisy. You're both cuddly but you are far more dependent on us, you like to me to know you are by my feet and will scream for my attention. 

We always have to be playing the game of "tar" when you pass me things for hours on end and demand that I give them you back. At night you like to be cuddled, patted and stroked. Even if you settle yourself in bed it will be with me sat by your cotside. You just can't seem to move away from that. I have had moments of frustration with it, and failed attempts at "controlled crying" (or what ever stupid label it is) but do you know, you won't need me like that forever. One day you'll be Mr Independent and will stroll off to bed on your own and demand to be taken, just like Daisy. So for now I keep reminding myself that you're my baby boy, and I will love you as much as you need it. 

Dear Alex... You Are One!

You have two little teeth now and show no signs of anymore popping through. And one big milestone a few weeks ago was that you had your first haircut! You actually beat Daisy to it. You were starting to grow a little mullet around your ears and neck so you had a tiny trim so you were a smart boy for your holiday and birthday. 

Don't change too much int he upcoming months Alex, stay being Ralphy and stay being so cheeky. Just sleep a little more and we can have much more fun :) 

Love you little one, 

Muma xxx

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