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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

#Tearsintosmiles with Elastoplast

I am a bit of a worrier when it comes to my daredevil children. Both of them are risk takers and both always have been climbers. It makes me stay on edge all day, every day. But I guess they learn from their tumbles and bumps.

Well you would think so anyway. Daisy not so much. She is very clumsy but I think she is always exploring and curious as to what will happen if she does certain things and what she can find. I love that she is such an explorer than she is always outside but it does come with cuts and bruises.

Thankfully nothing serious. We have tears for a few minutes, a cuddle and a rub and then she is on her way again. If that doesn't work then a character plaster will do the trick (like the ones below that Elastoplast have just released) and failing that then something like a biccie will definitely fix her!!! She is easily persuaded.

#Tearsintosmiles with Elastoplast

I must admit even though the kids terrify me with their risky business I do let them have these bumps, I can't wrap them in cotton wool and really, I wouldn't want to. They need to have fun and they need to be aware of their actions but not be too terrified to go out and explore. A graze is easily cleaned and wrapped up and a bump is easily kissed.

Here is a fab video that has been put together all about #tearsintosmiles

How do you "fix" your children with their bumps and scrapes?

Hayley x

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