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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

3 month update

3 months!!! Where have those months gone? This last few weeks we have seen so many changes and developments, I just wish I could pause time now for a few weeks to saviour them some more before moving on to the next leap. 

This week Daisy was weighed and I honestly couldn't believe it, 11lb 1oz - where has my 5 pounder gone???! She's getting chubby now and she's filled her skin out completely. Look at the difference here in 9 weeks;

She doesn't even look like the same baby!! Sadly I'm starting to pack away all the newborn clothes now and even a few of the 0-3 months, although that's the size she is currently wearing really. The 3-6 hang off her still! 

Her hair is lighter and long now, I'm hoping soon to be able to put a bow in it! Well without it looking like I've accessorised an egg anyway! 

Some little traits and developments this month:

- I thought she was a chatter box last month but that was nothing! She cooes and oohhs as if she is having a little conversation now, to us, her toys or her big hairy brother Bobby the dog 
- Movement has moved up a notch, not only does she love a good kick but she now somehow pushes off with her feet and can move across the room doing so. Clever, strong girl!
- she's realised she can get her hands in her mouth, so she is now always covered in drool! She was a thumb sucker buy now it's a fist!!! 
- Fascinated by her toes, if I sit her up and she spots them she is mesmerised! Wriggling them, making herself laugh. A friend lent us some of the Lamaze socks with rattley bugs on which she loves!
- she is always smiling and giggling 

(Daisy and her cousin Mollie) 

- Tummy time is still hit and miss but now instead of lying flat face planted she lifts it up and more often than not rolls over after growling a bit!! She is very strong though and pushes off everything with her arms and legs, you really have to watch her! She tried to jump off the health visitors scales this week! Which did secretly make me laugh after she had sat there preaching about safety for the last half an hour!!
- She has discovered that lying down is not for her and it's boring and will grumble until you sit her up or hold her to stand, the monkey! 

Daisy is still a good sleeper and quite a few nights a week will sleep through from around 9 until 7/8. She's always been pretty good, but don't be fooled that doesn't mean we don't get the odd difficult night and then it comes as a shock!!

Daytime sleeping is minimal, I have to wrestle her for what feels like forever to just get her to have 15 minutes to recharge! But if it means she is a sweetheart at night then so be it. 

Her character is really coming out now, although she has always pulled some faces! She now sticks that bottom lip out with attitude, shouts for attention and squeals in excitement at her favourite people. 

This has been a big month in terms of changes, I can't imagine what's coming in month 4!! 

Lots of love
Hayley xxx


  1. What a cutie! She's doing fab, love reading your updates :) xxx

    1. It's all just going far too quick for my liking!!! Xx