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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Mummy maternity moments

Becoming a mum has been and is the best thing ever, my life has changed and I absolutely love it. Of course it's difficult at times like when she had a cold and her injections all in a few grotty days and then there are the times she won't nap and she really needs it and the times where I have so much to do that I really need her to nap too. Oh and how I have to eat my tea every evening juggling her on my shoulder, will I ever eat my tea normally again?!

So where did this post come from? After watching Jess' latest post on Youtube from Lilypod and sweetpea it hit me that some of the ways I've been feeling are felt by most other mummies and in fact they're normal! The key to it all and the answer to all of these thoughts is that I should be savouring every minute with her and just rolling with it as I won't get this time back again. 

I shouldn't be trying to bundle her off to sleep just so I can mop the floors or polish the place, it can wait. It doesn't matter. I already know my time with her is precious because I am due to go back to work in October, due to financial reasons sadly. So I really do need to make the most of being a full time mummy as it's not going to last forever, heartbreakingly. If only money was no object and I could take a year with my girl... 

Jess talks about being over whelmed about all of the pressures she puts on herself and it really made me feel sad to see her talking about that, as I've felt it too and I'm sure it's something all of us feel at times. So I thought I'd just talk about some of those thoughts. 

First up, I've got thinking to do about my return to work (thinking about it makes me have a bad head), what will it look like in terms of days, routine, things won't be like they were will they? I worked away a few days a week and I'm really not sure how I'll feel about being cooped in a hotel room alone when my family are at home without me. But for now it's going to the back of my head, I've decided I'll snuggle when she naps, interact as much as I can and basically enjoy every minute I can with her. She won't be this little forever, she is already growing flipping fast!! And the weeks are running away with me. 

Late afternoons- early evening can sometimes be Daisy's witching hour when she doesn't know what she wants and neither do I! The minute tea is ready she is off on one, whining, generally just unsettled. As much as it frustrates me that I can't eat my tea in peace and it's hard work I do count my blessings as she is a good sleeper during the night, quite often sleeping through if not 6/7 hour stints. I would rather her tire herself out then than have me up in the night! I'd rather sleep than eat basically!! Haha!!! 

Other mummy moments that have dawned on me recently is the idea of baby groups. When I was in the later weeks of pregnancy I was going to a Surestart group- Bumps and Babies. I then went a few times when Daisy had arrived. However I soon realised that it wasn't for me. Luckily I went with my sister and her baby girl so there was someone there I could sit and chat with because the rest of the group I didn't find all that relatable (is that a real word??!). They are an older group generally and there appears to be not one of them who need to work and I just feel a little judged and out if that clique if you like. I would much rather go to see my niece so Daisy can interact that sit in that stuffy room with people I would probably never socialise with outside. A task of mine is to find a new group somewhere as I don't want to wish id made more effort when I looked back and also it can only be good for Daisy!! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. Lovely post, deffo relatable thoughts. :)
    Although a return to work is something you do need to think about, for reasons you mentioned, try not to think about it negatively or make it hinder your time with your gorgeous daughter. Yes, needs must, but, she'll be waiting for you on your return and in later years she'll understand why.
    Baby groups is a tough one. I got a douse of the baby blues after having my little boy and then some social anxiety about going out with him alone. But, I took myself to a couple of baby classes, but like you, didn't really click with many ladies and the group was very small (3 people!). Then I joined Buggy Bootcamp that a local business had set up and it's been a saviour, for my sanity, body and my little boy. I've made some amazing friends, all in the same boat as me, all wanting to get our bodies back, who I can have adult talk with! Although a now home mummy, we arrange playdates at each others houses on days of as most have gone back to work and or attend local play groups together. I deffo recommend joining something similar and or trying as many play groups as you can. You will find one that suits. :)


  2. What a lovely post to read �� thank you so much for the mention too, I hoped my video would inspire at least one person to realise they weren't alone (whilst allowing me to vent lol).

    You're so right that they won't stay so dinky for long, Jasper is such a chunk, at least miss Daisy is dainty so she'll be little for longer lol

    I sometimes feel like giving up on babygroup, it does feel so cliquey doesn't it!?

    Don't fret about returning to work, it'll make you savour those moments with Daisy even more which is a great thing! And like ou said, put worries to the back of your mind, cross the bridge of working away when you come to it ��

    Gorgeous pictures by the way! Xxx

    1. You deffo inspired me and made me reflect on my thoughts, that have been bubbling away for a while. We are very tough on ourselves!

      Jasper looks tiny!!! Xx

  3. You're not alone. The going back to work thing is hard. I really struggled. But soon it becomes normal again. It makes your time at home with them so more previous. But don't think about it now. You have another wonderful 3 months together 24/7 - cherish every moment. You may relate to a few of my mummy blogs under my Parenting category over at jakishoegirl.wordpress.com. If you have chance, feel free to stop by :)

    1. Thank you, it's reassuring to hear others feel or have felt the same! I will pop by for sure xx

  4. I had a similar experience reading Amy Ransom's post about the first 12 days with a newborn. You suddenly go 'oh, it's not just me!' I hope you have some better experiences with going to a group with Daisy and enjoy every moment with your gorgeous girl. The floors definitely can wait!xx

  5. Such pretty photos and such a great post! It's so nice to know there's more of us out there who are feeling the same. Everything is so hard to balance and it's so easy to forget that the most important thing is bonding with our babas instead of housework and other errands. We all need to meet up for a HUGE bottle of wine haha :) You're doing fab hun and don't forget it! xx

    1. That's it, bonding and watching them grow and develop. They grow far too fast not to xxxx

  6. Ahh I needed to read this :) i so often get frustrated because he won't sleep in the day and this got me thinking that I should just enjoy it all a bit more. It's a lot more fun now he's interacting though. Keep at it with finding baby groups. Have you tried lazy daisy baby classes? We absolutely love Tinies and have made lots of friends there xx

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