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Thrifty lollies recipe #1 Banana & Coconut

Recently we have got into a bit of a habit of having ice cream most nights, I wouldn't say it's a bad habit!! It's summer and who doesn't love ice cream?! Well my waist for a start I'm sure, not sure how much longer I can keep saying well I'm breastfeeding- I need the calories!! Also as much as I don't generally buy expensive ice cream it's still a luxury that can be avoided sometimes. 

Ben came home this week with a pressie from Lakeland, ice lolly moulds!! I love them! They remind me of my mum using them when my sister and I were young! 

So here goes, idea #1 Banana and Coconut lovelies 

Super, super easy....

(I'm not much on strict measurements, I'm too lazy but you can't really go wrong here)

Ripe banana (great way of using them up)
A dollop of yogurt- I've used low fat Greek yogurt 
A splash of milk (if you have any coconut milk you could use that here)
A squirt of honey for sweetness
A few raspberrys for colour
And a handful of desiccated coconutfor taste   but also texture 

Throw it all in a processor, no messing around. 

Ta- daaaaa! 

Some summer yummyness and no nasties whilst being cheap and cheerful! 

Wonder what I will come up with next? Mmmmmm I'm thinking Pimms perhaps!!

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx


  1. These look yummy. Ahhh Pimms ice lollies... a girl after my own heart. xx