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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Surviving the newborn cold and immunisations

Daisy has been a healthy little bean since she was born, no episodes of sickness etc, until last week. 

We had a few tricky days/ evenings of crying and generally non settling (routine chucked!) where deep down I was thinking if this is the norm then I'm not sure I can cope! Anyway, the day after a full on runny cold popped his head up to cause us pain! What made it if even more difficult was that I seemed to get it too, so not only was I trying to get Daisy better and make her comfy but I was a snot monster too!!

The worst part of Daisy's cold was her temperature, I became obsessed with taking it and found myself stripping her down at every opportunity, "just incase"! There were two incidents where her temperature peaked close to 38'C which is obviously fine for an adult but pretty high for a newborn baby. Luckily Daisy was 2 months old that week and so could have a small dose of Calpol, thank god!!  It took a while to kick in but when it did it stopped the intense screaming and let her sleep it away. 

The other miracle product I used was Calpol Saline nasal drops, it was tricky to get up her nose and not in her eyes and anywhere else it shouldn't be but when it made it, it did clear her up allowing her to breath and again sleep. It seemed anything that made her more comfortable just made her sleep. Which is exactly what she needed to do. 

Whilst she had the stupid cold it was time for her 8 week injections too. Could the week have been any worse?? My poor little flower. Actually they weren't too awful, one top I was given and that I'd tell anyone else is if you are breastfeeding then try to feed them while they do the jabs, it comforts and relaxes them. With the first one we had the usual wobbly bottom lip but no sound along with her eyes popping out of her head and then she nustled in again before the next one! Well this one she did shout!! But it was for seconds and she then snuggled up again. It's worse for the person taking them I think! Very distressing! 

Anyway it was the aftermath that was awful! She slept pretty much right after for a few hours but it was when she woke that it was so hard, she screamed a scream I'd never heard before and there was no stopping her, she was purple! Out came the calpol!! Again it took some time to work it's magic but when it did it eased her, bit fully but it definitely helped, and also helped her temp which was shooting up. 

She wasn't herself for probably two days, very sleepy, very jumpy and some bad tummy ache. But lots of cuddles, massage and baths seemed to help her. 

So my survival kit;
-Calpol infant suspension
-Calpol saline drops
- Braun thermoscan
Kleenex super soft tissues to protect her tiny nose
-patience!!!! (I don't have much of that!!) 

That's her right after the injections! 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xx


  1. The first colds are terrible and hate to say it but they don't get much easier. Something I found super helpful that I still use especially if I feel a cold is coming on for Amelia is the Calpol Vapour plug. It says from 3months but we were advised to use it in the room before she went to sleep to clear the air and help her breath!:) xx

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