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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

My latest accessory! Becoming a baby wearer

So I looked up baby wearing when I was pregnant and it really is a minefield, like everything else to do with babies there are too many options and opinions! 

But I knew babywearing as they call it would be for me, it would mean I could do some of the things I enjoyed pre baby with Daisy, the biggest thing being walking Bobby, the dog. 

We are very lucky where we live that there are lots of walks right on our doorstep but sadly most are not pram friendly, and I wouldn't want to dirty my icandy!! There is a country lane right off our back garden which is safe for the dog and a nice walk up to the disused quarry but it means climbing either up the bank or over a fence! So the baby wrap is perfect! 

I decided to try a woven stretch wrap like the Moby wrap but a cheaper version from eBay! The link is here. I thought if it did the job and if Daisy enjoyed it then maybe I would upgrade, but I've heard of lots of babies not liking it! It turns out the wraps are pretty each to use, comes with clear instructions and there are lots of videos on YouTube and hoooooray Daisy loves it! She is usually asleep within 5 minutes!!! 

It means not only can I walk the dog but I also can cook tea when she has her grumpy hour every evening, do the hoovering, put the washing out, you get the picture!!! 

What baby holders do you like or have you tried? I'd love to know more about them! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. That first picture is gorgeous! I love baby wearing, Jasper nods off too and I get to dance around the kitchen and cook. I made a moby wrap style one but it didn't support my back enough so I've now got the baby bjorn miracle carrier which Pete says looks like I'm going sky diving in lol

    Looking gorgeous Muma! Xx

    1. Great iant it! I love it! I also love how close they are to you all of the time! *cheesy*!

      The bjorn has great reviews! Eawpxially for support of Mumas back!

      Thank you, I find it hard to take photos when it's just us at.home in the day, have to b selfies usually!!