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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

*Colorsport rapid lash-gro eyeliner

Let me start by saying I would usually avoid any review or product associated with wet eyeliner, I am the most unsteady, wobbly handed make up applier ever- I am certainly no professional. I have never mastered a cat flick and I am not about to attempt it either, not for the likes of public humiliation anyway!! 


Rapid- gro??? As in make your eye lashes grow?? How could I turn that away?? It claims you can have thicker, longer lashes in 60 days! I'm up for that! You have probably heard about Colorsport 30 day mascara before. 

Again please excuse the dark circles it was a tricky, hot night last night with a 3 month old baby!! 

So I applied it as I usually would, very gently and as light handed as I could manage, I am not up for the thick heavy vampy eye look today! 

I had the brown colour and in the bottle it very much looks brown. However on my eye it appears much darker, very glad I didn't go for the black! So be cautious! 

It went on smoothly (well as smooth as my clumsy fingers would allow) and I was pretty pleased with the result really. I was dreading having to wash off and do again just for photos!! 

I can't comment on how your lashes are in 60 days or so just yet but I will do when I've used it in that time, Im very curious!! 

The active ingredient is capixyl which is clinically proven! How ever on closer inspection it does say in the small print only tested on 17 subjects, not a huge testing panel. But if it worked for them then it's for a good chance it will for others! 

I'll give it a whirl anyway! If it hadn't have been easy enough to use then I probably may not have bothered, but it's a nice make up product really! 

Anyone else tried it?? 

Its available in a few places including Boots for £14.95 full price if you wish to try it.

I'll keep you posted! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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